Are rich people evil?

My father..when he sees someone who is rich..he always says something like….they dont care about anything…they have so much money that they dont know what they are going to do with it…. blah blah blah…

My father always feel resentful towards people that have lots of money. Which is very bad thing…it shows that he doesnt understand who are rich people….

And many other people behave just like my father… They resent rich people.

But let me tell you one thing… No one is rich by accident… (except people that get on lottery and people that are born in rich families)… whoever is rich, he or she had to do something in order to create that wealth. Rich people are capable people…believe me. People are rich because they had made massive contribution to the world… You cannot get rich by working locally in your neighborhood. You have to go big.

In my small neighborhood, we only have one rich person… And he is rich for a reason… Nothing fall from sky for him… Maybe he did had some luck…but most importantly, he had a vision. He started with small fast food place and bar…later he build a building and he was renting other companies a place for their shops in that building. He opened a nightclub… and now he is financing a complex of family apartments that are currently building in our neighborhood. He is involved in many other things…I am just speaking for things that he does in our small neighborhood.

You see… if there was no him.. we wouldnt have all this shops, we wouldnt have nightclub and we wouldnt have that complex of building with family apartments… and we wouldnt have that fast food restaurant…

You get it…He created something. He gave value to our neighborhood… And most people of course say, ohh, he is a bad guy, he is stealing, he is criminal and so on…. Which shows you how pathethical we are as human beings.

Rich people, people with ideas, those people move the world. They are creating everything. They can do more than poor people….they have potential to do it…

And yes, it is true…sometimes they dont know what to do with money…so they are buying expansive cars…. but why is that bad? Materialistic things are created for us to enjoy them. Those cars are arts. And another things. People that are manufacturing, designing and building those expansive cars…they are also rich people….why? Because they are creating art…they are making something for other people. They are effecting massive amounts of people…thats why they are rich.

Lots of people say…rich people are bad people, they are evil…

But thats people in general… In fact, there are lots of bad evil poor people as well…

Being rich got nothing to do with the fact is someone good or bad person… In fact..good person with lots of money, can really make a difference in the world. Good person that is poor.. He cant help anyone…. at least not on big level.


  1. I always thought it stemmed from jealousy. You always want what you can’t have, so you end up despising a lot of people. In this example, the poor despise the rich. It’s just the factor of them having what they don’t.

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