Day 10 of blog challenge – A recent life lesson you have learned

Day 10 of blog challenge.


To always be busy… To always be mentally active.. To think more…. To not be shallow in my thinking but rather to go deep… I have learned that mind is a mine full of golds and gems… You just have to dig little bit… I have learned to be in creative process as much as possible… It doesnt matter is it writing, thinking, journaling, drawing…or simply seeing something…and think about it…I have learned that I always have to ask myself questions and then try to answer them…In that way, I am building independent, creative and innovative mind.

And also I have learned things not to do… To dont spend my time gossiping, thinking about other people…to not spend my time mindlessly surfing the Internet….to not spend my time watching stupid movies and videos…but only those movies and videos that will challenge me… I have learned that I need to minimize my lazy time…. and constantly be in some kind of creative pursuit.

I have learned to stop thinking about myself and to put my focus on something else…

I have learned to recognize selfish, egoistical, self-centered people from a mile away…

Those are people that are ‘working on themselves’

I have learned that I dont have to work on myself…that is selfish… but rather, I have to work on ideas, I have to work on developing skills, I have to work on something which is outside of me… The less attention I spend trying to focus on me….more happy I am..

Because focusing on yourself is closing you, isolating you…it cuts you from flow of life… but focusing on ideas, skills, experiences and something creative…that opens you…it fulfills you.

Take good care of yourself… Eat right, sleep right, exercise…. dont poison your mind and body… And thats it… thats all work that you have to do on yourself…. Beyond that, dont work on yourself…. Find something outside of yourself that you can focus on.

I mentioned few things here…but thats all one lesson…it is all connected somehow.

Thanks for reading !!!   


  1. I like how you are progressing but I feel it is important to work on inner things. Maybe as you advance in your journey you will get to know, When you got to know there is no boundary between the inner you and the universe, you will see things from new perspective. Till then, Keep going !
    I can say this because I also was once in stage as yours but now it has changed.

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    1. but what exactly is the inner thing? please explain it…
      if i have to, i would describe myself much more as an introverted person….and i love silence…i know thing or two about inner world…in fact.i would even say that i am more connected to that inner truth than most people who go around talking about it….
      However…most people, working on themselves is nothing else but narcissist perversion… it separates you from universe and from oneness…
      please…what perspective??? haha… I see myself as whole and as part of much more bigger picture…
      and i can tell you…i was once in that stage as you are right now…i was ‘working’ on myself…trying to improve myself…reading all this books….and it made me only selfish, self-centered, i didnt develop any real skills because i was too busy working on myself…it made me empty…it made me confused…
      as i started moving my attention from myself, i gain such a clarity and understanding..
      but i still go to my inner world…and still close my eyes and explore infinite realms in myself….it is beautiful..i can spent two hours with closed eyes downloading all the data that I am able to find in this vast space…
      and believe me…those are not just empty words that I learned by memory…

      I would like to hear your perspective and what exactly should I learn?

      thank you so much for this comment… honestly… finally a comment that really engages me… haha

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      1. So you are connected to the inner world. I meant to say you can’t just totally be focused on outside without introspecting yourself.
        The other thing is that when we read those books and all the stuff, we have thoughts like..I will change the world, I have to do something big, making us more egoistic, as you say ‘self- centered’ but as you move on you realise you are a only a part of a bigger picture( as you said ).

        This text from your post
        ” Because focusing on yourself is closing you, isolating you…it cuts you from flow of life… but focusing on ideas, skills, experiences and something creative…that opens you…it fulfills you.” made me think that. But as you explained in above comment, now I understand what you wanted to say.
        And yeah! nice comment
        made me think too😅

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