Day 11 of blog challenge – A paranormal experience you have had

It is a day 11 of blog challenge.


Wooohooohooo !!!! Paranormal experiences…

I didnt had any. I am much more interested in normal experiences than paranormal.. So even if I do get visited by some aliens or ghosts…I would just tell them to mind their own business and leave me alone. I know people that are obsessing over this. Some people are spending their lives researching paranormal activities…. What a waste of time… in my opinion.

Are paranormal activities even real? I dont know… I am not sure. Many people have reported something…so it is maybe possible. But, most people that I saw who are interested in this and who have said that they did had some experiences….are really weird people. I think their psyche is breaking down..I think they are on edge with sanity and insanity.

However, most people will experience certain things in life that are….unbelievable. synchronicities… I think it is the world… Most people will experience synchronicities in their life that will make them think that some higher force is doing them… And I think that yes, I think it is some higher force.

I had those experiences… I really cannot remember anything right now… except maybe that very often when I want to call someone and they are calling me… Or I am thinking about someone who I havent seen for long time…and in couple of days, I meet that person by accident. Even events.. I am imagining some event in my head… and after some days, weeks, moths or even years….something similar happens…

So yes, I think there is for sure something… Something is playing role here…


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