Hobbies that you can do without any money

Lets say you are in position when you dont have money…or you cant afford yourself to spend any more money…and you would like to start some hobbies…It will take creativity from you… I could find myself hobby even if you put me in desert…Not saying that I would be happy to be alone in desert…but I am sure I could find some stimulation even in desert. Anyway, lets figure out some hobbies that dont require any money…

First of all…if you are in position that you cant afford certain hobbies…your first hobby should be to figure out how to make more money so that you do have access to more opportunities.

However…lets start with exercising and sports.

You can exercise in your room without any equipment. Exercising in your room is very boring…but still…it is better than nothing. You can go for a run or walk wherever you live… in city, village, in some park, in forest…everywhere… there is probably a street-workout place somewhere near you…you can go there and practice some calisthenics and strength. You can stretch, do yoga, tai-chi, dance…in your room. You can improvise while you are dancing, or you can learn some specific moves. You can go on playgrounds and play soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis….and everything else that is public. Plus, you will meet new people… You can do parkour… And you can do parkour wherever you want… In nature, in forest, in city….everywhere. You can start skateboarding or doing bmx tricks…if you have skateboard or bmx… You can start learning how to do handstand, headstand, splits, flips….lots of things if you use just a little creativity…. you can do breathing exercises… swim in rivers, lakes, sea and oceans if you are close to any…and if it is not winter…swim, jump into water, dive….

Reading. You can start reading books… I am sure you have some books at home. If you dont have any physical books, then download some pdf-s…I know you have Internet…otherwise you wouldnt be reading this. Read books, read blogs, articles, start exploring new topics….for example, you want to learn more about biology, or about politics, or technology, science….it doesnt matter…you have Internet and you have an access to information.

Watch videos, movies, shows, documentaries.

Start drawing, painting, do some sketches… Try to draw human face….then try to draw some objects, like house, or cars…. experiment… look at something and try to draw what you see… Or simply improvise…

Learn how to cook. Or learn new recipes… Again, you have Internet.

Read about Internet…expand your knowledge..

You can play chess if you have board and figures…you can practice moves alone, you can play with someone…you can play online…. try to solve Rubik’s cube…if you have one… play with Lego….play with toys… Make your own game.. Make your own version of ‘Monopoly’

Write. Write a journal. Write a blog. Write a book, non-fiction, fiction, poetry…. everyday write entrepreneurial ideas…. write a screen-play for movies…who knows, maybe you end-up in Hollywood one day

Practice writing and drawing with your non-dominant hand.

Learn a language.

Maybe you have some kind of musical instrument somewhere at home that is collecting dust… Pick it up and learn to play it…I am sure you can find some lessons on Internet.

Go out of your house or apartment and everyday visit one of your neighbors…drink coffee together…next time invite them at your place…make some connections.

Learn to code. You need computer and you have it….look for some lessons on coding online.

Start to pray, meditate, start going into church or whatever is your temple…join the community and get engaged into their activities..


Sing. Learn how to sing…or just sing.

Take your camera and start taking some photos…and create some kind of photo journal…

Practice cold showers, start fasting, change your diet, experiment with food…

Hang out with people…do barbecue…go on gatherings.

If you have a car….try to figure out how exactly does car works… look into it.

Solve puzzles, play games, explore apps on your phone… learn geography. Take a map of the world and learn about our beautiful planet… try to draw map by yourself

Write your goals, affirmations, strategies…

Think. You can think… and that is hobby as well. You can try to think about things that you never thought before… Try to have thought in your mind that you never had before… Hmm, how does roots of tree gets all that minerals from ground??? Think and ask yourself questions that you never thought about it before… and then you can look for it on Internet….and you can expand your horizons.

All this ideas, I thought about them in 10-15 min…I could go on and on if I wanted to…Point is that there is always some possibility… Create something out of nothing.. Make things up.. Create something… Try to write and draw your own comic book… Try to write few jokes….climb trees…learn math. Read about chemistry and physics…

Possibilities are endless… However…try to get yourself to better positions so that you can engage in even more productive and complex hobbies…. Imagine if you have your own garage and there you can repair, fix, build cars….you have all the tools..you have cars…and you play… isnt that interesting and fulfilling??? Dream. Have dreams… start burning those desires in yourself. You want your own laboratory… Dream… Have some crazy dreams… You want to make your own robot… You want to make sculptures… Have some crazy dreams… Use your imagination little bit… I think so many people are depressed these days because they dont know how to use their imagination… Instead of using your brain in creative fulfilling pursuits…you worry, you overthink, you doubt, you give too much attention to your insecurities… and in the same time, you have potential to create marvels…. you just dont know that. You are sitting on gold and you are not aware of that… Your mind is a gold.. You just have to dig little bit in order to find something.


  1. I think exercise is a good place to start. It gets the mind going, hopefully toward a way to make money and afford hobbies. Ha. Of course, once you get into a hobby and make friends with people who are into the same hobby, they sometimes will help you out and give you stuff to further the hobby. Hopefully you can return the favor to them sometimes too. Thanks for posting, my friend.

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    1. thanks for commenting, I appreciate… Yes, I mean you will never have everything…so like you said it, you have to find be creative in that process.. Ask for help and advice…be willing to give help and advice… and for sure, exercising it always good place to start

      Liked by 1 person

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