Day 12 of blog challenge – Who inspires you the most

Day 12 of this blog challenge.


Who inspires me? There is a lot of people… Real people, people that I know, people that I have meet, people that I dont know, fictional people….. lots of people… but of course, question is, who inspires you the most..??? That is tough questions….because I dont like to idolize people…in fact, there is a saying, that you have to hate people that were before you in order to become better than them…

But right now in this phase of my life…it is people like Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Elon Musk…. I just love to read about those people and I love to see how their mind was functioning….

My father inspires me in a way… my grandfather…

Few friends inspires me…. few people that I know and that I have meet.

Batman inspires me.. haha.. Daredevil…

Many characters from books that I have read… I can find inspiration pretty much in everybody who is doing something.

I just dont idolize people… And I like more extreme people… Like all the names that I mentioned above…those all people were extreme in their quest for knowledge, for innovation, for discovery…. And I like extreme people in all areas… Be it sports, music, acting… I love people that go all-in…

I am never inspired by ‘average’ people…although I have saw lots of average people possessing really incredible talents… In fact, I believe lots of people do posses certain talents… For example, my grandfather… He is a master at so many things… He knows how to build house, he knows about cars, he can make incredible things from the wood, he knows about gardening, he can draw pretty amazing in a very simple way, and he is physically strong…even today, and he is 75… but I feel that he didnt go all-in with his potential… I think he could do much much more… He never fully developed his talents.. He did develop lots of his talents, but still, I feel that he could do much more… I feel there was a lot more space for him to go in…but he didnt…

And that is reason why he will never be equal to Nikola Tesla or Leonardo da Vinci…

And I am not saying that we all should be like those people… I am just talking about myself and what inspires me most… I am not judging anyone who has different opinion about it… but I think, that no matter what you do, you have to go all-in.


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