Priests, technology, space traveling, religious people

I was listening to one Catholic priest giving some kind of lecture….and he was talking about modern times… Of course, everybody likes to attack modern times… I dont understand why… Honestly, modern times are best times ever in history of our world… If you think there is some big problem…look yourself in the mirror…. I think problem is in you…

Anyway, this priest was talking about advancement in technology… as if he knows anything about it… He was telling that technology is bad…and that all people who have a desire to explore universe and travel to stars…should forget that and just remain on the Earth… Why are we exploring space and universe when we have everything needed here???

It is clear that this priest lacks understanding of human nature…

I think God wants us to explore his creation… God wants us to develop our brains, our abilities… It is sin against God if we dont explore universe… Who knows what is our destiny? Maybe one day…I doubt that it will be very soon because we are only in the beginning of exploring the universe….maybe we will meet more intelligent species and they will transfer us their knowledge so our life condition can be better here on Earth….or maybe we are those intelligent creatures that will travel through universe and enrich other spicies with our knowledge??? I mean…who knows what future holds for us. Who knows what is waiting us? Who knows what is our true purpose…

And then listening to this priest, you realize that he is clearly lacking self-awareness, he is lacking respect for life and God…he doesnt understand bigger picture of reality and things… He has very limiting world view…. His world consists of negativity, rules, regulations….and he doesnt has any room for positivity, for affirmations… He lacks creativity…. And it is sad..that person who is supposed to be a spiritual leader…is actually very poor on the inside…

Every man when he is a boy…wants to fly..wants to explore universe, wants to build big machines, wants to control a machine…every boy has wild dreams….one day I am going to fly an airplane…. that is beauty of dreams, mind, potential, imagination…. and this priest who is lacking all that creativity, that imagination, that suggesting men to live a simple life without many action, without any dreams…simply to get a job, attend church once in a week, get married with boring woman as well…raise children to be the same like you…. and everything that is outside of that, is evil and sin.

Very very very limiting… It got nothing to do with God. Dont be fooled and manipulated…. Material world is beautiful. We should explore it. We should explore our minds, we should live… The fact that you have a body is beautiful.. you can move… you can pick something and put it into other place…If I was only a spirit…I wouldnt be able to do that… So I dont understand why so many people think that this material world is bad thing…that it is a punishment… It is reward…if you ask me…

Of course, people get lazy, they watch TV whole day, they form addictions, they chase superficial pleasure…that is bad for sure…but material world and opportunities that we are given…it is absolutely amazing.

I had a chance to spend some time with some religious catholic people…and they told me, ‘you are too much’… They had a gathering where they would come together and they would share their problems and they would pray for solutions… And I was never sharing any problems, I was only sharing good things from my life… And they told me that it is impossible that I am happy..that is only superficial happiness…I should ask God to show me truth… But why should I share my problems? It is egoistical to even say that I have a problems… I got shelter over my head, I am never hungry, I got few people in my life, I dont have any real problems… My only problems can be abstract depression, anxiety…. and those are problems that this people were having. They developed their problems, they created them…. But in reality, I am more humble because I am showing gratitude…I am telling God…’you give me enough. You give me everything I need. Thank you so much.’ And they when they pray, they always complain, they are never happy and never satisfied, they are always depressed and they always pray for something….    So I had a trouble with this group of people… They were sabotaging my creativity, my zest for life…they were cutting down my wings… Luckily that I am self-aware enough and luckily that I posses my own mind…otherwise I would be just miserable, trapped and I would ruined my life.


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