Sleep makes me depressed

I think sleep makes me depressed. And I can see a big question mark above some heads… you are wondering…’did he saw those researchers that shows us that we need 8 hours of sleep?’ ….yes, I saw them… And I used to believe them.. If I sleep every night for 8 hours, I dont feel good about myself… I like to be sleep deprived… It makes me actually more alive… Dont get me wrong…I am not sleep deprived all the time… I usually do sleep for 7,8 hours…sometimes even 9-10 hours… But every once in a while, I like to go 2, 3 days with minimum sleep. Yes, I am tired…and when I think that I cannot function anymore…all of sudden, a new surge of energy hits me… I feel that it puts me in surviving mode..I feel alive, creative…. yes, I am tired and broken… but…mind over matter… My body is tired, but I have my mind under the control.

And when I am creative and when I have lots of interesting stuff going on around me…my need for sleeps disappears.. I dont want to sleep. I want to be awake and I want to enjoy all this energies that are moving in my body…

Flames are burning in me…I am more focused…

And when I sleep everyday for 8 hours…I am not so sharp, not so quick, not so creative…I am not in the right mood.

Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci were sleeping only minimally… I think they were onto something with their sleep habits….

However, I would not suggest to deprive yourself of sleep…but rather, make your life more interesting and you will have less desire for sleep. When my life is interesting and I am enjoying it…it is actually better than sleep…I want to be awake…I dont feel tired… And when my life gets boring…I want to sleep…I want to escape…then I can sleep even for 10 hours…

And when I get engaged into something so deeply…..I could go on and on…it is obsession…there is no end to it…I am not tired, not hungry, I have unlimited energy…and every time I become tired, I just push through it and new surge of energy is hitting me…

I was never sleep deprived because I planned to… Usually it just happens…. but, I am planning to start consciously depriving myself of sleep… at least couple of days in month… I will not get chronically sleep deprived… it will not be stressful… in fact, it will be joyous…it would be a healthy experiment I believe….

And plus, it makes you more successful I believe… Imagine if you have focus for three days… If I sleep 8 hours, it is too much… After those 8 hours, I am totally different person in totally different state of mind… But when I sleep minimally just to survive….then I keep my focus for days, then I get really engaged into something… It is totally different experiences. I stay in the same mindset for a long time.


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