Dont worry. Think!

Dont worry. Think!

Worry is a momentum of thoughts… It starts with one thought and it just gets more and more power as you start to invest in it your attention… And it is subtle and it is happening so deep in unconsciousness that you will not even realize when it started to happen…

When something bothers me, of course, I am trying to solve that problem psychologically… My mind is racing…. But I am not actually thinking, I am just worrying. It is a momentum… It is like a water with its flow… and it is very strong flow… if I can shift that flow from worrying to thinking, I can maybe gain some valuable insights… First thing you need to do is to stop, slow down and easily change your focus… Dont think of your insecurities, excuses, dont analyze yourself, just start thinking… Think constructively… dont go in the same thought patterns… Break them… Come up with different one. Suddenly change your thought patterns… Think about things that you never think of before. Have new thoughts in your brain… Dont go down the same rabbit hole… I believe that mind is infinite, intelligence is infinite…so dont operate in such a small limiting thought pattern…get out of it and… think. There are so many things that you can think of…you can worry or you can be thinking about something constructively.

Lets say you are a blogger… You can be worrying how you dont have inspiration, that you got nothing to write about… you start to feel empty. You start to doubt yourself…You are re-thinking this whole blogging thing…you are saying, this is not for me… and you just get trapped deeper and deeper in that thought pattern… Change your pattern suddenly and immediately…I know…potatoes…I am going to write about potatoes… I am going to write how my grandfather teached me how to ‘grow’ potatoes in garden… I am going to write how potatoes and corn saved Europe from hunger when it was brought up from America… I can write about America and Europe, about Columbus… about Native Americans…

And you may be thinking, but I dont want to write about potatoes… Good. Then what else is there… Ice cream.. Where did ice cream came from? What are some recipes for best ice creams?

Just think…hotels, cars, yachts, watches, clouds, rain, sun, universe, sky, birds, bones, teeth, campfire, crocodiles, suicide, guns, prayer, religion, formula 1, energy drinks, alcohol, grenades, geography, school strikes, presidents, mafia, politics, prisons, wars, animals, cats, dogs…. Just think… Go through ideas in your head until you find something for yourself… dont be always focused on how you got nothing to write about…and dont worry…but rather, think… mind is infinite… dont always go to the same places in your mind…

And this is not only for is for everything… I always find best ideas when I have sudden changes of mind… you think, you think and you think…you are getting deeper and deeper into this thought pattern…and just immediately and suddenly, come with totally different thought…. Shake yourself… for me it is always the best when I have sudden changes of mind and thought process… You cannot win the battle with your thoughts…you cannot rationalize… you have to go to totally different corner of your mind in order to have some freshness and inspiration.

I hope that you can understand what am I talking about… I am talking a lot in metaphors right here…and I just hope that you were able to follow me.

Thanks for reading.


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