Gossiping.. You are humiliating yourself

Ahh, gossip..drama…excitement…

I was never a fan of gossiping… Plus, I really dont care what people are doing..unless it is something creative, productive, educational…then I like to hear more about that person.

But just pure gossiping of people….it is so low… And I am all for the jokes… It can be tough and rough humor..it can be brutal humor….but when you see that somebody is gossiping just because they are bored and they got nothing to do with their own life….run away from such people. And plus dont reveal anything about yourself.

Every time I have been dragged to gossip…I was lacking strength… I was too afraid to stand up and say..listen I dont care… (maybe sometimes I do care if it is interesting gossip haha) but I should get out… But I was lacking strength and awareness, and people drag you…and just to fit in..you say something as well. And afterwards, I would always feels like shit… Like really. I would be disgusted with myself… it would hurt me… deep down I would feel disappointed with myself. And then specially later if you see that person and you have to look them in the eyes…it makes me so sad… Like really I cannot explain how much it hurts me…

You can do so much with your mental capabilities… You can learn, study, write, draw, work…world around us is so big that there is always something new to explore… and with all that opportunities…you decide to get involved in gossiping… It is so humiliating for human brain….

However, if I know that someone is bad person…yes, I will tell you..stay away from such person…this person is destructive, dangerous, he is manipulative… I would say that for sure… And if your wife or your husband is cheating on you…I will say it…

But to go around and take a delight in other people drama…..come on. It is so low…. it is ugly.

I remember once I was traveling in train… and close to me was sitting one girl with some friends… She was the center of that group. She was like 18, 19 years old… And all the time, she was talking about other people, about her friends, she was criticizing them…and she was taking delight and joy in all that drama…and her friends are just listening to her gossip and they just motivate her to gossip even more.. and worst thing, she was so loud… Everybody could hear her… She was loud, she was passionate, she was yelling… And that lasted for one hour… And I am sitting there, and I am angry… She is disturbing me… I cannot focus on anything because she is so loud and so annoying… I wanted to jump out of my skin… her voice was so annoying, her hand gestures, her body language… Everything about her was so annoying. And she was good-looking girl. She was not ugly… But all that gossip, all that drama around her…she looked so ugly, so unattractive..so not feminine… and after one hour, I gave up on idea that I will be able to do anything.. I had a plan to read something, to look through window to see places around me… And just to be in my quiet world… but it was impossible… And I am sitting there and I am watching her, I am staring at her… And when she realized that I am staring at her… she looked at me and she say… „What are you staring? Do you like me? You want to be with me?“ she is saying that in arrogant way… And I said: „Who would want to be with monster like you?“ …immediately she became confused..she couldnt understand what I was saying…. I said: „You are disturbing us… You are so loud.. And why you gossip so much…it is so unattractive to see such a young girl gossiping… You are making bad image of yourself…“ And she said to me, that I should mind my own business… ‘Yeah, you are talking about other people all the time, you gossip and I should mind my own business…and I cant mind my own business because you are so loud…’

Eventually she just told her friends to get up and leave to different part of train. .

And finally, silence… aaaahhhhh.

Please, dont gossip, you make yourself unattractive, you are ugly when you gossip..you humiliate yourself when you gossip…and plus…only mediocre minds are interested in gossip. Go and do something else…


  1. Reminds me of what the Bible says. A slanderer goes about revealing confidential talk;Do not associate with one who loves to gossip. All it does is create negativity. We need more positivity and love and try help build one another up. This isn’t done through gossip but encouragement.

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  2. The paragraph starting with…
    Every time I have been dragged to gossip…I was lacking strength… I was too afraid to stand up and say..listen I dont care… (maybe sometimes I do care if it is interesting gossip haha
    totally me😶

    I feel so much guilt afterwards whenever I engage in such gossip which I don’t want to.
    And yeah sometimes it is just messing up our mind and it feel like I have to shout ” Stop all this!” . That feeling is so helpless when you can’t do that.🤣
    And your conversation with that girl😂😅🤣 .. Savage!!. I have got a hint what to say when someone is disturbing me like that!!😁
    But some people are like that.. they can never change..It is like their basic nature. They feel very bad like us when we disturb them gossiping ( just different interests) hahaa!!

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    1. the worst things is if it is happening in your school, college or work-place…most people just tolerate because it is hard to do anything… and slowly, they drag you in…you start to make compromises… it is survival… it is distraction and it is a waste of time… I mean…i could write whole day about it…

      they could change if they become interested in something else…i guess… if they start using their brains for different reasons, maybe they can change…

      thanks for commenting

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