My thoughts on martial arts and fighting sports

Are fighting sports like box and mma good or are they just too barbaric? Should they disappear as our civilization is becoming more and more sophisticated?

As a kid, I was training wrestling (and swimming)..and in high-school, I was training savate box…

Wrestling at such young age, it played huge part to my development, to my confidence, to the way I perceived myself… Even today I feel benefits from it.

And I love to watch fighting sports..I love martial arts..

But very often, I was thinking, is this too barbaric? We dont live in age of gladiators anymore… All this people screaming and shouting while two guys fight…it seems little primitive… But by giving it a deeper thought..I came to conclusion… We need those sports… Truth is, most of those guys that are fighting and competing, in reality, they didnt had any future… They were poor, they were raised by single-parent, they were bullied…they didnt receive any education, they didnt learned any skills…and basically, they would just end up on streets, they would have problems with drugs, with police….in other words, they would be self-destructive… But by removing them from streets and putting them in gym… Now they finally can channel all that energy into training. It gives them purpose..a goal.. They start to train everyday, they start to compete, they learn discipline, they inspire other people…and in the end, most of them become sport coaches as well and they are guiding young children and helping them to find meaning in this world… And on top of all of that, they get paid for it. Most of them are normal regular people.. They get married, they have children, they are nice, kind… and most of them are actually very humble and respectful people.

So it is better that they are fighting in the ring with referee…then to fight on streets which is basically more dangerous because there is no referee to separate them if things become too dangerous for one person.

So yes, those sports are gifts from God in my eyes…

And I am not concerned with this people fighting… I am more concerned with this people that are mindlessly screaming and yelling when two guys fight.. That is primitive…


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