Tiredness and balanced life

Dont be afraid of tiredness. I have heard so many people saying that they cannot do something because tomorrow morning they have to wake up early.

I can understand that. I hate if long day is in front of me and I had only like 2 or 3 hours of sleep… I hate that…

But most people are not tired physically…they are tired spiritually… It got nothing to do with your body… You are lacking a zest for life.. A passion….

It is impressive that before technology people were working physically laboring jobs whole day and then in the evening, they would gather, have fun, talk, sing, dance, eat, drink, go wild…sleep for couple of hours… And tomorrow again… Back to work… They were active all the time… And we get irritated if we dont get 8 hours of sleep.

Truth is, you can go days without sleep and without food…or even better, if you had a chance to sleep little bit and eat little bit.. Your endurance is stronger than you think… I am not suggesting to deprive yourself of sleep and food…and to destroy your health. But just know that you can survive some time with minimum sleep and food…Just know that.

We are trying so hard to live a balanced life… we count our calories, we count how many glasses of water we had…we decided that we can use our computers for only one hour in a day, we decide that we can exercise for only 45 minutes, that we can write one post in a week, that we should meditate 20 minutes everyday…. We try to hold everything in the balance…which is impossible… You got to throw away all this balance thing… You cant hold to such a high standards… You cannot..

And I am victim of that as well. I tried to live balanced life. I tried to lived perfect life… And you know what… Balanced life is lacking focus… You cannot achieve anything with balanced life. Only dedication, commitment, focus onto something, work, project, exercise routine…can bring you results..

If you are passionate, if you are creative, you have unlimited energy…then you dont care about trivial things such as how many glasses of water have you drink…

I think it is good to take care of yourself and to pay attention to your diet and sleep… But that cannot be your top priority in life.

But biggest worry that people have, is tiredness. And it is not even that they are tired, they are afraid of future tiredness. They are afraid that they will be lacking energy and strength….Which is ridiculous because our mind and bodies have very big reservoirs of energy… Much more than we are ever using… Then why there is a fear of tiredness, of discomfort? Every time you feel tired, if you stick with it and you dont go to sleep, you will get some surge of energy that you didnt even know that it exists..It is coming from that reservoir.. And you can literally go through many different layers of energy before you collapse on floor because of tiredness… Now, collapsing on floor and being chronically tired is of course very destructive for health…but my point is something else… Just know that you can go without sleep… Just know that you can go more than your logical brain is telling you.. Just know that little tiredness will not kill you or damage you… thats all you have to know.


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