Should you care about what other people think about you?

Should you care about what other people think about you?

Today it is popular that we shouldnt care about what others think about us…

I do care… I care greatly what others think about me… Specially my closed ones… But in reality, I care about what everyone thinks about me… I care what my readers think about me… I care about my reputation… And, I will always try to leave best image of myself, I will try to be charming, I will try to impress you… BUUUUUT… I will not allow anyone to control me, to guide my decisions.. I will never change who I am just to get validation from someone.. I will never try to fulfill other people expectations… and I will not dwell on the fact that many people will dislike me… I will not try to analyze make rationalizations… No… I want to be likeable… but I will not sacrifice my individuality and my identity to get likeable… Cant say that I didnt do that before.. in high-school… I was doing anything to get likeable, to be popular… but I didnt own myself… So it was fake.. Even people that did like me.. Very soon they would stop to like me because they would see that I was pretending..I was acting… until I found and developed my authentic self.. Once when I touch the bottom of my authentic self… I dont compromise on it anymore.. It is my guiding star… it is my DNA… and your expectations mean very little to me…

Point is..many people dont understand this ‘dont care what others think’ so they go and they do crazy things… They get drunk, they embarrass themselves, they got tattooed all over their face and body, they use drugs, they gamble, they are not committed to anything, they dont have the perspective…and they have ‘me against the world’ mentality… But you dont have yourself… You are not authentic.. You dont know who you are.. and now you go around and you are destroying your image, your reputation, yourself…and you are showing us middle finger because you dont care what we think about you.. I will tell you what I think about you… I think you are loser, you are blind, you are shallow, you are mediocre…and you are really not that important.. Thats what I think about you.. Who wants to be your friend? Who wants to get married with you and have children with you? Nobody… Yes, while you are still young, you can find people to hang out with, but in 5, 10, 15 years…you will not have anyone… And you will end up working something totally meaningless… You should care what others think about you… But most importantly, you need to find your authentic self and you should live according to that…


  1. First we should know ourselves, our true authentic self and then only we will be able to distinguish right and wrong. Then only, we can know what to absorb and what to reject.
    Caring about what others think can improve you or destroy you.. depends on us how we take it..🙂

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