Suicide awareness

What all people that have committed suicide have in common? Or at least big percentage of people that commit suicide??? They didnt tell anyone anything about it. They just did it.

That got me thinking, who knows who is potential suicide person… I mean maybe someone of people that I know is going through something and of course, they are very secretive about it, they dont talk about it, they appear to feel good, to be ok…

I think we all need to pay attention to that… Just think about all people that you are closed to…is anyone withdrawing too much? Is anyone isolated too much? Do they stop caring about their hygiene in this little unnoticeable ways? Are they enthusiastic? Do they have any goals? Does their life has any perspective? Do they have anything meaningful in their lives? I dont know….are there any signs??? Because remember, they will not say anything to you…

So how to actually know if no one is going to tell you. I think that I am going to come to every person that I know from my close circle…I will ask them few private questions, dig little bit in their psyche, offend them, say something rude to them..just to get them emotional and reactive… and then I will ask them: „Are you planning to commit suicide?“

And I will explain to them what I am doing and why I am doing… And if someone really is suicidal, maybe my question will shake them, maybe it will change something… Because I think biggest problem with all those people is lack of communication.. No one is willing to talk about dirty things from mind. So we bottle up this demon of insecurity and doubt that slowly will take control over us…and in the end.if we lose the battle…we are going to do the worst thing possible… So if you can just make someone open to talk and discus…maybe something will change in them…some kind of relief… who knows…

Last summer, in my neighborhood, 19 year old guy killed himself and killed his brother… No one saw that coming. No one was actually paying attention… And later people were did this happened??? But we cant do nothing about it… We should do something about it while it was still at its roots…

So pay attention around yourself… who knows what is going on… We are blind until something happens…

Who knows, maybe you are suicidal….

In that case, I really dont know how to help… I dont think there is some magical sentence that I can write here that will change something in your brain..

But I can say for myself, I am lacking trust in people… I have been rejected, I have been ignored…Some people including my professors and colleagues in school offended my intelligence saying that I am not really intelligent and smart because I had bad grades and I was not interested in learning… and all that left some scars in me, I would be lying to say it otherwise… It hurts… and then you feel alone and lonely…and you think for yourself that you are stupid…because this is how they labeled you… but eventually all that pain I was able to channel in developing perspective… I learned that it doesnt matter what someone else thinks of you, but it is more important what you think of yourself… I learned to assert myself, I learned to rely on my own instincts…plus, I developed tremendous self-awareness…I know who I am… I am connected to myself…

And even today is the same thing, I internalize a lot, I suppress and repress my feelings, I get perspective on them, they shape me into something better… because I refuse to be defeated…I refuse… I think that I always have some aces hidden in my sleeves… So I am able to deal with uncomfortable feelings…I dont let them take best of me, defeat me.. in fact… I make best of it.. I make best of crises… I am growing as a person by facing uncomfortable feelings.

And even when I do feel like alone and desperate, always someone shows up and is extremely kind to me… Like as if they can see that I am going through something and that I am so vulnerable at the moment…and they are extremely kind to me… like as if God send an angel to comfort me.

So if you feel desperate, if you feel like you are on edge…go and talk to people… Say that you are on the edge.. People care when they see that you truly are suffering…People care… And if you tell that to enough people.., people will move mountains to help you, they will do everything…because crisies are where we truly shine… In tough moments, people get together and they collaborate…no more competition…just a team-work…

I was never on the edge, but as I said, whenever I was thinking that no one cares, life would show me form of someone that I know or even maybe a complete stranger… but someone would come, exchange few words with me and be extra kind to me…for no reason… And I would feel, why did I lost hope in humanity and people???? Why??? People do care.

So dont be afraid to come and say…look, I am on the edge, I need help… I dont know where is way out, I dont know what to do, I am desperate, hopeless…and see magic happening… Be direct.. Say it as it is…it is liberating. We are talking so much in metaphors.. we want other person to read between lines… Say it as it is… It is more powerful… Say it, listen, I want to kill myself…I need help, I am afraid, I dont know what to do…

And create something meaningful…I think creativity, learning, expansion of our interests, expansion of our hobbies, skills, experiences…is what makes us sane… So start doing something… Dont focus on yourself… Spread your focus around…

And start exercising… Stop all bad drinking, unhealthy food… and start exercising every day… Run like a maniac… lift something heavy… get your blood flowing… exhaust yourself… challenge yourself.. tire yourself… and do that regularly… and trust me.. your mental health will increase…without a doubt.


  1. ♡ I Contemplated “suicide” EveryOne; then I Decided I Love MySelf too much and I Don’t want to to leave a burden for those left behind especially those clumsy with their LOVE!!!

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    1. i mean, suicide is such a selfish thing. (in most cases, not all)
      i hope you are over that and that you have no such thoughts anymore..

      but listen…just to give you perspective if it ever again happens to you… dont do it if you didnt try all that you can… have you tried to be an artist, a painter, a singer, a writer…maybe you are potential dancer…maybe you are good in intellectual pursuits…maybe extreme sports are you passion…maybe you want life on village or on some farm… maybe volunteering would make you happy… maybe traveling… going in business.. learning new language… becoming a teacher…. maybe yoga… religion… maybe…i dont know…. but my point is..there has to be something…some activity that will give you meaning, that will fulfill you….

      and at the end of the day…dont be soft. hit back,.. fight, struggle… that is beauty of overcome struggles…

      anyway…i dont know if you need this advice…i dont know what is going in your head… but maybe someone else will read it and it will be helpful for them.

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  2. A very important topic.
    I will try my best to look deep into people’s mind and help them.
    You are right in saying that suicide is selfish. It is considered as sin in religious texts.
    Its good to know how you ask other people about their lives so that they can share their problems with you. Igniting a spark of life once again in someone’s life is a wonderful thing.

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    1. i think the most important thing in conversation is to really stir up people emotions, to break their barriers… if you ask them simple questions in non-threatening way…they can lie to you… But if you can get emotional response from them, then they will open and whatever is inside will be able to get out… and although it may seem uncomfortable…i think honesty is best remedy…

      you are absolutely right.. it is wonderful and it is beautiful..being able to awake something in someone

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  3. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ I Suggest Look at it This Way EveryOne it’s Actually Quite Simple; if you don’t like being here, quit via “suicide” or Death Wish and Give Another Soul An Opportunity To Do what you THINK!!! you ARE unable To Do 🤔 ?

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



    1. haha…you know… you confuse me with those comments…. I think everybody has some kind of potential…when you are exploring and developing that potential, then you are happy, joyous and fulfilled…. and when you are not…then you are depressed, suicidal….

      you think that dying gives a space to new souls??? I think those are not connected in any way…


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