No answers.. Just questions (creativity and innovating mind)

Today we have figure out everything for comfortable life. We figure out electricity, Internet, technology, modern houses, pools, jacuzzies, cars… We have figured out how to eat without having to go to kill something or to work on land… Even people that are hunters and farmers, even they have modern weapons and tools that makes all that much more easier.. We have figured out medicine, pills, surgery… We figured out that we can take one kidney and put it into someone else, and it will function… The same thing with the heart… We have figured of how to replace your teeth once when your original ones becomes too damaged… We have figure out helicopters and planes..traffic, we are going in space to the stars… We figure out robots… And now until we have figure out all this things, most of us are very comfortable… We have even figure out entertainment… We have TVs, computers, movies, music… Imagine, before you had to take make your own music…you take a stick and you start kicking in on something and that makes sound and people were experimenting with sounds until they were able to create more complex instruments and melodies…and today, with just few clicks, you can enjoy the most beautiful music on this planet… You can watch all great movies immediately… You can be in contact with all people that you know in a matter of few clicks… We even invented a pornography… So you have everything.. If you want to go somewhere, you sit in your car and you go…

Why am I saying all this? I am not saying that all this is bad… We need to enjoy our material success…but problem is…we have an answer for anything…We have everything provided for us…We consume more than we create…. Answers are everywhere… Google is a tree of knowledge… So we have so much instant answers, but we dont wonder… Questions are opening the mind and answers are closing the mind. We dont play with our environment anymore… All great innovations are by product of people playing with stuff around them… They were playing, experimenting, observing, creating… And we cant do that because look how many cool movies are coming in 2020. We need to watch all that… Look how many concerts, tv shows, YouTube videos, songs….We need to follow all this… Who has a time to play and explore world around us…??? Who has a time to think, create and innovate? Who? We are pulled into this already existing system and we are just experiencing old stuff…there is nothing new in it…except new movies… but we all know that most of movies are just cliche… We know that it will have happy end… main male and female character will end up together, enemy will be defeated… We already know how it will end..

We dont have those creative ideas… Imagine..what if I put someone else kidney in your body, will it function? Can I save your life if I replace your heart with someone else heart? How does it even works? How is heart connected? How it functions? What is this vessel?

Can you imagine the thought process of people that are inventing…

And that mindset can relate to many areas of your life… Imagine instead of going in gym and always repeating same exercises…why dont you change something? Why dont you improvise little bit? When you wake up, dont have always the same morning routine..break your routine… do something differently… Be creative, be innovating… And dont watch movies…create movies.. Create music… and create pornography… Hahaha. Just joking.. I wouldnt recommend that last one, but I am not your do whatever you want…

Break your current thought pattern and go and do something different… explore.. ask yourself questions… try to figure things out… be original, be creative and be innovative…


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