Discipline vs. spontaneity and creativity

Discipline. We put to much emphasis on it. I do believe in consistency and commitment…but discipline… I am not a robot. I am human being..

Many times I have tried to disciplined myself…and it never worked.. I make a to-do list and I plan to execute on everything that I put into that list…and it leads me only into frustration… I never get it done… Because I feel like robot.. I am not leaving room for inspiration, for spontaneity, for innovating, for intuition… I am trying to force myself like I am some kind of machine… I am spontaneous and intuitive being… Thats who I am at my core… And having perfect discipline is too limited for me.. In the end I always end up doing what I feel like… That doesnt mean that you have to go with the flow and sit on couch… Because I dont want to sit on couch all the day..And I dont understand people that do want that.. I want to move, I want to exercise..I want to go outdoors..I dont need to discipline myself for that.. Maybe I do have to force myself little bit, But whenever I decide on rigid routine, it is destined to fail…I know that..  I want to be more attuned to the moment instead of having my day organized for every detail.. I want to feel what is best for me each moment… So many people say, write your day on paper before you start it.. It is recipe for disaster… At least for me… I am at my best when I make sudden changes… I am at my best when I am deciding on a complete different route in last second… There is some power in changing your direction fast.. It is refreshing, it is creative, it is innovating… It is original… It arise in that moment.. It is alive… Things that I put on my to-do list…those are not original… those are by-product of my unnatural mind…

I am not saying to not have any direction and to wander through life like there is no tomorrow… But I am saying that we need, at least, I need, some room for spontaneity… Because when you are spontaneous, you are creating, you are innovating…If I already know what I am going to do…there is no room for anything original…


  1. ♡ I Quit My Parental, Conditioned Rigid, Inflexible Planning EveryOne; now, My 3DLife is 💯 Fluid, Flexible Planning Having Returned to the Purity of My Childlike State 😀


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  2. And this is why time tables don’t work at all. I can follow them maximum 2 -3 days and at the end feel like doing something else..
    We are spontaneous beings..lots of things around us that awaken our interest, our creativity..not a machine.

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  3. Creativity and discipline don’t often mix. Haha. I’m disciplined with keeping a clean place but other than that, I definitely play life by ear. I like each day to be different when possible except for my first cup of coffee. I get that right after I rise, scratch, urinate and brush my teeth. No ifs, ands or buts, buddy. Haha.

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