Did you practice your ‘genius’ today?

Did you practice your ‘genius’ today?

You may ask.. But how can I practice it? And what is genius anyway? Should I start learning physics now to become genius? I dont want to learn physics, I am basketball player..

Good..then be genius basketball player.

In my definition, you have a potential genius in that area where you are fearless, courageous, creative, innovative, spontaneous..that is where your genius is hiding.

It can be stand-up comedy, it can be basketball, magic tricks, tricks with cards, singing, extreme sports…and it can be mathematics, physics and rest of those stuff.

Kobe Bryant, unfortunately, we lost him few days ago…He was genius for basketball.

You can be genius when you are washing your dishes.. You can sing, you can move and dance when you wash dishes…you can do it with lots of grace.. but of course…in reality no one is happy when he or she needs to wash dishes.  

Genius is when you are ready to be creative, to explore the unknown, to break the rules…to push your limits…this is where you are going to find a genius…

And that is also reason why most genius people dont like school… I mean, no one likes school… lets be honest.. My younger brother is still in high-school, and they had school strikes recently…and he was happy that he doesnt have to go…and my mother was like, thats not good..you should like school… And I am like…dont worry about him..he is normal..I would be surprised if he actually do likes school…That is warning sign that something is not as it should be with this person. But anyway…why people dont like school? Because schools are not creative.. They dont take young kids on adventure…they dont explore world around…they have already answers for everything…and plus…they always put politics into it.

Where is your genius? I am sure that you are genius in one way… maybe you didnt yet discovered it? You didnt awaken it… It can be skateboarding.. It can be drawing… maybe you are genius rapper..

Everything can be a sign of genius.. I saw many women..the way they behave and carry themselves, their body language..their charm, they are acting seductive, provocative, but at the same time they are politce, nice and kind… Without physical strength, they can open many doors for themselves… That is genius in my opinion. And I am not talking about women that are looking to get out something from someone, to use them… I am not talking about shallow women, because their game and what they are doing, it is so obvious that everyone can notice that…except some men… But I am talking about real feminine women… It is a sign of genius.

And if you are man, and you know how to get what you want…you own your mind.. you follow your own rules.. you are wild, you are passionate… that is a genius…

But how do you become a genius?

By practice… Simple as that… Find something where you can break the limits, where you can break the rules… Find something where you can be creative and innovative… And practice it everyday… And with time….people will start to recognize your ‘special’ talent.

But most importantly, you will be transformed… You will begin to realize that you are developing something in yourself. It will give you a meaning, a sense of purpose… and it will give you a confidence… And so many people try to be confident before they actually are confident… Look at teenage magazines… look at their articles… 5 steps to become more confident… stand straight…put your chest out… smile…and blah blah blah…

And when I was teenager, I stood in front of mirror, I opened my chest..I was standing straight…I smiled… but nothing happened. I can stand like that for hours but it is not going to make any difference… In fact, it will make you even more insecure…

Teenage magazines and YouTube videos are disaster…they are spiritual criminals. Instead of giving such dumb advice…they should give young teenagers advices like…look, do something with your life… Learn a skill.. Become someone… Learn how to fix cars and see your confidence going up… Learn to write, draw…learn martial arts… and see your confidence going up… Learn about science, learn about technology…and see your confidence going up… But instead.. they tell you, stand in front of mirror and believe in yourself… What kind of advice is that?

How can I believe in myself when I know that I am not capable for anything? I can only lie to myself and deceive myself…. but under pressure…I will break.

But when I know some skills, when I am good at something…I have natural confidence… I dont have to be confident..I just am..

I am going in all directions with this post right now… left and right…up and down…

But I can tell you one thing… You will not become a genius by mindlessly surfing the Internet, watching movies (although there are very good movies), smoking weed, partying, spending money on stupid stuff..You will not become a genius doing that..

Anyway…My next post…I was planning to write it right now but it is already late…so I will do it tomorrow probably… And it will be interesting post I guess.. I will share some ideas from my journal… I just want you to show what goes on in my journal… That is my sacred space and it is there only for creative ideas… I dont write there…’oh, she ignored me…I feel so insecure about myself…I feel alone and lonely…And I am crying…no one can see my tears…I am a victim… my feel awful… I dont have motivation to do anything… My friends…oh…they are not real friends…’ I dont write stuff like that in my journal…

Anyway, thanks for reading… I hope you can get some value from my posts… And I hope that you will find interesting things on this blog…  


    1. thanks..

      thats the beauty of unknown…that i dont know… it is question..how many things can I become? Will I be able to know how fix cars, how to fix technology, be financial genius, know how to draw.. Basically, will I be able to become good in more than just one thing… It is process.. I think that forever it will be process..and I am just exploring that..chasing..pursuing…and trying to reach that potential..because i dont know what is my full potential if i dont push it maximally… who knows what I am capable of… (not just me, but every individual…)

      what do you think about it?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I too think that it is the process..we can never know what we can become..all we have to do is to put effort, effort to something that our heart calls for at the moment. That’s why I have my blog bame as LearnersForLife because without learning there’s no life..

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