Ideas from my journal

So, I am going to share some ideas from my journal. This is one typical day for me regarding journal and ideas. So as I have said before, usually I am not writing there events and things that are happening to me… I just write ideas… I analyze my day and I am very aware of the things that are going through my mind…and in the evening, I write all those things in my journal… What you are about to read is not a copy from my journal…just an ideas from that day… I will keep it short here..I will not get into details, which I do in my journal…and I am leaving some personal stuff out of all of that..

You may wonder, do I have time to go through all this ideas that I write…and unfortunately, I dont have time… Many things that I write, I will never research them, never execute those ideas…but however, I am still writing it all down because I want to be full of ideas…then I can never be bored because I just have to take my journal in hand and find something to do…

So here are ideas and my thoughts from 28th of January 2020.

I was thinking about new and creative ways for cleaning the house. I will not get into details here about it.

My blog. I was thinking how can I grow my blog. How can I reach more people, how can I influence more people…

I was reflecting on how did I perform some mini-tasks that I gave myself.

Few days ago, my friend gave me one knife and I need to research that company that is making knives and see that series of knives…and see what else is available in the world of knives.

That lead me to think about blacksmithing. Will I ever be able to try blacksmithing? I dont know…but if I ever get a chance…I will for sure try.

Then I had few words on Croatian that I want to learn on English… So every day I am writing Croatian words and I am looking what is English word for that.

I need to research two companies in my neighborhood that are recycling things.. I need to see their politics, their mission, their vision…the way they do it…

I need to research more about Croatian public transports… Trams, trains and buses… I need to do few calculations and see what is cheapest way to travel through Zagreb and Croatia.

I had some family gathering that day… And I realized how much certain members of my family are brainwashed because they watch too much TV and read newspapers… They are manipulated to think and talk about mediocre topics… instead of using their mind capacities for something more meaningful. And it actually hurts me little bit to see some very close people to me….not having their own individualistic approach to life…but rather..just following the masses. But however, I realized that sometimes is good that I spend little time with those kinds of people because I dont watch TV and I dont read newspapers…And having people around me that are engaging in those activities…it keeps me informed.. And sometimes I do hear useful information.

I was analyzing my diet through different periods of life… I will not get into that here.. maybe in some other post I will write more about it.

I need to research little bit about car insurances… I really want to know how all those insurances are functioning. Not just car insurances… but everything else.. House insurance, life insurance… I need to learn more all this terminologies from financial world.

Then I remembered the dream that I had previous night… Usually I dont analyze dreams…Some people like to have a dream journal.. I think it is a waste of time.. But sometimes dream is very intense and I remember it…

Read and study about nuclear power, electricity, how it all works. Read and study about batteries.

I found some simple creative recipes for cooking.

I need to research and learn more about Croatian history. Honestly, I dont know much about history of my country and my ancestors.

I am planning to volunteer couple of days this year.. I need to research that organization.

I have some computer programmes and apps that I want to download to explore them.

I need to research what is best way for protecting your computer.

I have some old CDs and I should go through all of them.. Who knows what I will find.

See real measures for real ping-pong table.

Forest in my neighborhood. I need to find out which parts are public area and which parts are private. There is lots of activity going on in forest these days. They are cutting down lots of trees. I wonder, to whom are they selling it? Is it private? Is it public? And how much money can you make by selling trees?

I read short pdf about hippies.

I need to figure out how are cities built? How is everything organized? Electricity, water, telephones and Internet.. I want to understand how it all functions and how it is all connected.

I played chess with my brother. I lost the game. I analyzed game little bit.

In reality, I dont know the origins of the chess.. I should research it and write a post about it one day. Who created the game? How it became so popular? And blah blah blah….

There is one tree near my house.. I really have a big desire to climb on that tree. If you dont know, since I was a kid, I loved to climb on trees.

I need to research one company that is importing bananas.

I should visit antique shops around the Zagreb and check if there is something interesting.

I would really love to make movies like Jackie Chan one day. Not real professional movies. But more like amateur movies with couple of friends.

I wonder, how deep can you dig into the ground? Is it possible to reach the center?

Can I become a manager for mma fighters or boxers one day? Can I go around, find young talent, invest money and time in them, help them and guide them through that jungle?

I had few ideas for future drawings.

I need to explore, read and study about how ears, eyes and voice…how hearing, seeing and speaking is functioning. How we are able to hear, see and speak? How it all works inside the brain?

I want to make a pen launcher. A thing, device…I dont know how to call it, that will be able to launch pen…and it will be very precise… so you can play some kind of game with it. Like trying to hit the target…

How are CDs working? How is data written on CD?

How can I make my own dishwashing liquid? How can I make my own soap?

How can I make my own axe? (weapon, not spray)

How rains and snows are created?

I am interested in chemistry.

I need to research little bit about banks and financial crisis.

Aaaaaand that is it. So this is how my brain looks on inside…usually. It is constantly exploding with something… Even when I am doing something, having family gathering or anything similar…I am present… I talk to people, I listen, I laugh, I joke…I even entertain people….but on subconscious level, my mind is always thinking about something… And my journal is just for catch those things that are happening in my subconscious mind. I try to write all ideas that I had through day… As I said… It is impossible to do all the things that get into my mind… And I will not do everything from what I wrote above… But who knows… One day I will find myself bored… I will be lacking motivation and inspiration…And all I have to do, is to take my journal, and find something to do. It is full of ideas.

Thomas Edison once said that in order to have one good idea…you need to have 10 000 bad ideas…

Anyway, I hope you liked this post. I hope that you will not perceive me weird after this…hahaha. And I hope that maybe I have inspire you to start your own journal if you already havent done it… It gives you self-awareness… When I first started to journal, I was writing about meaningless things…but with time I become self-aware of things that are going through my mind… And I decided to stop all that madness… And to think only creative things.. I want to create a creative machine from my brain.. I want to minimize distractions, meaningless conversations, gossip, politics, entertainment, movies, sports… and I want my whole mental capacity to always be in learning mode, in expanding mode, to always be active… To always be on some quest for knowledge, information and knowledge… And that is what journal is helping me for. It is helping me to focus… It is helping me to control thoughts in my brain… it helps me to have more power over my brain.


  1. LOVE this post!! Thank so much for sharing your ideas! I’d love to hear about your food choices thru the years.. the company importing bananas… the way human senses work… the PDF on hippies.. and even your weird dreams. I actually really love dreams because I have very vivid dreams. I started writing them down this year 🙂 My best friend told me everyone doesn’t have the gift of dreams so I wont hassle you about writing yours down (LOL! Smile!) But I just wanna say that if its REALLY vivid and memorable then your subconscious may be trying to tell you something so maybe you can look up some dream symbols online. If you’re interested 🙂

    Please update on any of these topics! Peace & love ☮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you very much for your kind words…

      i will for sure write one day about food and diet.

      oh, yes..i had dreams with some kind of meaning behind it… but yes…i guess i dont have gift of dreams… haha..but I am glad that you do have…


      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s good that you are always trying to improve, my friend. You’re gonna go far and I look forward to updates on your progress. I have kept a journal before but I never stay disciplined. I do them for a while but then I fall off. They are always fun to look back on though and see how you think differently from back then. Very cool!

    Liked by 1 person

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