Create your own yoga

Yoga…this ancient practice is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Yoga improves health, it improves vitality, blood circulation, it helps you breathe deeper, it is stress-reliever, it is good for your posture, for your flexibility, physical balance, it is challenging, it makes you sweat…..and many other benefits…

But one thing that makes me sad…people dont really understand yoga. Many people just go on classes and they repeat same poses and movements each week. And that is good. I encourage you to do that…but you have to understand one thing…yoga moves and poses were created intuitively.. People begin to feel tense, they felt like their body was becoming more and more stiff…and intuitively, they started stretching, moving, creating all this poses, breathing…Each movement and each pose was created from playing with their bodies. They created them in that moment…we just repeat them. And it is good to repeat their poses and their movements and to practice it… But you have to go even beyond that… You need to create your own poses and movements… just start intuitively stretching and moving… Feel where you are tense, and move your body, put yourself in different positions and breathe… Be your own teacher. If you always keep on repeating exercises, you will become like robot..just mechanically going through movements… but if you start to make your own moves and poses…then you are present, you are engaged in the moment.. There is a connection between your mind and body. It is something totally different. Play with yourself. Be creative.. Follow your own gut… Dont do everything according to books and rules… Break those rules. Make an innovative approach to yoga. You are smart enough to do it.

Many people dont have time and money to go on classes.. Just do it at home… you dont have to go anywhere, just make connection with your body and thats it…create each pose in the moment..improvise.. it is fun, it is creative and it has potential to be more rewarding than to go and just follow same practices over and over again.


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