Two hours of silence. (Meditation)

Everyday I spend two hours in silence.. two times in a day per one hour.. I just close my eyes, no external stimulation, I get quiet and I am exploring world inside me.

I am not always disciplined with this practice…but when I am.. When I am doing it regularly, it is miracle. Literally. I am more present, more focused, more creative, more engaged in world around me, I have more willpower, I am more dynamic…but at the same time, I am peaceful, calm, collected…and everything that I do, I do it with precision and I do it wholeheartedly..

Whenever I dont spend some time in silence, my mind starts rushing and racing too much… I want to do so much and I am just moving from one thing to another thing, completely lacking focus…I am totally distracted… basically I am chasing my own tail.

I am going so fast but end up accomplishing so little.

Only when I stop..only when I close my eyes and stop all external stimulation, only then I can actually do something. I ground myself. It is not always comfortable.. You are sitting doing nothing and your busy mind wants to move and do something… you are becoming more anxious. You want to escape form yourself. It is becoming too overwhelming… So many uncomfortable feeling going through you… and then you realize… these uncomfortable feelings are here all the time.. now they are just coming up on surface and you are aware of them… Silence destroys all those feelings. Just stick with them, feel them and they will just pass through you… So many false beliefs, so many doubts, so many insecurities…silence reveals it all. And it is intense… but if you stay with it and you dont run away from it, it changes you…it brings personal transformation…

Exciting part about it, is that you have to do it everyday… if you skip one or two days without experience that deep silence, again you will accumulate so much tension… so you have to do it again everyday… But why am I saying that this is exciting? I mean, it would be boring if you could just once in a year get in silence and process everything and living harmonious life from that…that would be boring… if it is something that you have to do everyday, then it is challenging, it is struggle, is activity, it is fight… And tomorrow again..and next day, and next day and next…. it needs to become discipline.

Once when you silence your mind, you can actually think… If you mind is not silent and has too much distractions going on…you cannot think.. You can only worry, doubt yourself, get in analysis-paralysis… but when you get silent, you can reflect, think, you can be honest with yourself, you can get perspective, you can come up with creative ideas…but most importantly…you are controlling your mind… Otherwise mind is controlling you.

Many monks, religious people have been saying through ages that we have an infinity in ourselves.. and it is true… we are really just like that little drop of vast ocean…And when you get silent, you feel the ocean… it is everywhere…

Even Charles Manson…a psychopath…once said: „You put me in a dark solitary cell..To you, thats the end. For me, that is only the beginning.. There in Universe inside. There is world inside. I am free“

So that means that Charles Manson has spend lots of time in silence…he was exploring his inner world.. And that describes his out-of-this-world charisma… Because he really was out of this world. Many people cannot understand why he has so much charisma…thats the reason why.

For sure, he was criminal, he was psychopath… but many other great positive figures has been saying that… Jesus, Buddha, priests, monks, artists…

Even many professional fighters and athletes said that…they asked them, what do they like to do before the game…do they listen music to pump themselves up…and many have said that no…they dont listen anything, they dont watch anything…they are silent, they are calm, they are focusing, they are connecting themselves, they are entering the flow state…

Many people when they get out of jail…they become good people…they live with purpose…or they become even bigger criminals…why? because in jail they had enough time to be silent and to think… They didnt had distractions… So it changed their perspective completely. So even if they are back to crime, they will play bigger game…

Problem today is that we dont get enough silence… Movies, music, social media…study, work, exercise, have friends, have relationships…and plus, we all have television, computer and phone…it is endless distraction… It is distraction on every step.

Many people are saying that new generations are very soft…well, that is, I belive because we have too much distractions and too little silence…

If we just learn to get silent and we make it daily habit…. BOOOM will happen. Boom in our brains…

Dont be afraid of the darkness.


  1. This is something I am trying to do. It is hard sometimes makes you to think to leave everything.. but then also gives you strength to move on more strongly. From some time, it has been going hard for me..but I feel all this is important for growth.

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    1. exactly…for me it happens that when I am silent, all frustration, anger and God knows what else…comes us, it overwhelms me…and I want to quit… i feel like it is too much for me…but then always magically, after it, I am more calm, peaceful and grounded

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