Lacking direction, purpose and self-awareness

I want to write about one person that I have met recently. I am not writing with the purpose to criticize or to offend…so I will keep all private info of this person hidden.. However, this person has helped me a lot to learn….to be more precise, I learned from him how not to behave..

So, he is 30+ …he is still unmarried, he doesnt have serious relationship and he never had it…He doesnt have any career or any important project going on in his life… He is just going from meaningless job to another meaningless job… without any big goal… He is totally lacking perspective. All money that he earn, he spends it on bills and food… extra money he spends on clothes… he is renting that apartment, he doesnt have his own place, he doesnt have his own car… in many ways, he is behaving like a teenager…I dont know is he ignoring the fact that he is already 30+ or he is not aware of it…However, he is lacking self-awareness… he is not taking a honest look at himself… He is very communicative. Even little bit entertaining… but he talks about trivial things constantly… And in my opinion that is because he is not reading anything… He never read a book in his life…he is not interested in anything that is happening in world around him… It is strange little world that he created for himself… I am wondering, how many years still has to pass by for him to realize that he is lacking  perspective, direction and strategy…

Right now I am 24, and this person serves as an example what I dont want to be when I will be in my early 30-ies… what I will do in next 5,6 years will determine where I will end up when I get to 30… Good thing is that when you are 30, you are still young…you can still change lots of things…So it is not too late.. in fact, it is well known that men are most successful when they reach their 40-ies and 50-ies….unless they are athletes…then they are most successful in their 20-ies and 30-ies…

So it is never too late…

I just dont want to be delusional..because this person is totally delusional…he doesnt see himself in real light…he is lacking self-awareness….


  1. Fully Understood and very, very, very well communicated; what’s interesting is that we all expect others to behave as we do instead of Celebrating Our Diversity…this is my most recent rambling; enjoy:


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    I THINK!!! it Odd that We THINK!!! Controlling Contact with Others Gives Us ‘The Power’ over Others; please consider these examples:

    ♧ Clubbing – “NO CONTACT; EVER!!!” usually at The End of a Romantic/Sexual Relationship – Clubbing
    ♤ “They have to contact me first.” usually at The Beginning of a Romantic/Sexual Relationship
    ♡ “I wonder how they are but not sure whether or when to contact them.” usually at The Start of a Friendship

    …ultimately We ALL wanna be The Queen Bee with ALL ‘The Power’; it Seems Safer that way…the irony Being that The Person who initiates Contact has ALL ‘The Power’ because That Person KNOWS!!! Why They ARE Initiating Contact and The Other is in The Dark until The Conversation Commences; so I Suggest don’t worry about ‘The Power’ and, instead, Focus on What FEELS!!! like The Right Thing To Do in The Moment and Effectively Communicate or Postpone…

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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    1. nice perspective…

      yes, but sometimes you must know what is right way…I see that this person is not satisfied… it got nothing to do with his personality or individuality…but with the fact that he is lacking self-awareness

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      1. ♡ Judgement of others is Judgement of Self SupaSoulBro; this simple yet complex lesson I learned the hard way…so I Suggest Live and Let Live; his “self awareness” may have him feeling a lot happier than you look 🤔 ?


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      2. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

        ◇ From one straight brother to another straight brother from another mother I think it is you who should “don’t play such games”; how about find a nice lady, settle down and have kids, raise a family 🤔 ?

        ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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    1. come one…30+ years man wants to live alone in apartment that he is renting, not having girlfriend, not having any major purpose in his life, spending money on useless things…. no one wants that… lets be honest… he is living below his potential…
      I respect individuality…but mediocrity…i dont respect because it is sin towards God and life…
      We should absolutely judge others…we have a power of judgment, common sense and intelligence so that we can recognize good from bad….

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  2. Some people live their whole lives this way. If that’s what they choose to do, then so be it. He’s not committing any crime. He’ll miss out on a lot, sure. Maybe he’ll turn around. Usually finding the right woman does that for a lot of us. My girlfriend definitely has helped me to be more self-aware since she is awesome. Who knows? Maybe he’ll turn it around.

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