Physical demanding jobs are becoming more paid than office jobs

Problem with schools, grades and future career… I dont know the situation in other countries..but here in is kind of embarrassing if you are not working in office or desk job… Everyone wants so be some kind of manager, director, be in office….and if you are is kind of embarrassing for you… Even system of grades and schools is totally unrealistic.. Kids that have good grades, they go study economics, medicine, psychology..they want to become lawyers, architects… and kids that are having bad grades, they end up becoming car mechanics, house builders…or some kind of job and career that require physical labor… But why things are set up this way? If you are kid in Croatia and you are smart kid and you have good grades…and you want to become a car mechanic…your parents will not let you  that, your professors will not let you that…we know who is  car mechanic…a person that doesnt have good grades…and you do have good grades…you are supposed to be a lawyer… So lots of kids make a mistake and they end up doing something which they are lacking genuine passion…

And this goes now for couple of generations already in Croatia…and what is happening…we are lacking people that do physical laboring jobs…it is hard to find good people in those ‘branches’

So if you have a skill, like fixing cars, or building houses…or electricity…you  will end up making more money than person that is sitting in office.

But thats not all, jobs that require from you a physical labor are better for your health than sitting at desk whole day…It is more satisfying than office  jobs… It is paid more… and it less stressful.. Once when you are done with job, you are done… Lawyers and people that  work in offices, they bring their jobs home and it is very hard for them to live stress-free life.

Best things about careers such as car mechanic or anything that requires physical labor is that it is so easy to get in those career because  they are lacking people…at least here in Croatia.

I had a chance to speak with woman who has a company that is decorating gardens…and I asked  her, what kind of people they are employing…are they looking for someone with experience or….and she started laughing at me…she said..experience?? It is impossible to find someone with experience…

So she will employ anyone… she has no choice… and that is wonderful opportunity for people that want to learn new skill and get into new ‘branch’…

No one wants to work in garden anymore…Everybody  are looking for office and physically easy jobs….

In my eyes, it is sad  that we have put labels on certain crafts…to me…every job, every career should be praised…and we make fun of kids and we embarrass them when they have bad grades because they will end up fixing cars or building houses…

I think it is always good to go in opposite direction of where most people are going… If everyone wants to be in office and be some kind of manager…then go and be something totally different.. be lumberjack…or work in garden…fix trucks…dig graves in graveyard… We are lacking these professions…go in those professions, find fulfillment, make lots of money…and feel good about yourself…  


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