Artists and their vitality (Pablo Picasso)

Artists…. I think art has a power to revitalize your spirit… nothing can heal you like art.. People say you need oxygen, you need water, you need food, you need love.. But no one says, you need art in order to be truly alive…

I found some footage and videos from Pablo Picasso on YouTube.

Here is the link:

Do you see how vital this old man is? Pablo Picasso was 91 when he died… He was very healthy man…it is obvious from this videos… And he was smoking his whole life as you can see… But how it comes that he was so alive and healthy and he was smoking? Pablo Picasso was spiritually healthy. Art is spiritual thing… Art makes you a half-God..

Not to mention that women were crazy about Pablo Picasso… Even when he was 90, he had some kind of lover…

Same thing is with Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski.. They were similar to Picasso..

Many musicians, writers, poets, painters,… in other words…artists… are known to be desirable by opposite sex… Why? What is so attractive about artist? I think it is a rebellion.. You have to be rebellious to create something totally new…

But what exactly people saw in Picasso and why they were attracted to him?

They saw that he was free… His imagination was free and powerful.. His identity was solid like rock… He knew who he was… He was creative.. and people sensed that about him… They sensed that he knows few things about life, God and vitality…

He is perfect example that age is just a number…

When I saw this video and when I read little bit about Picasso..I can tell you one thing..I have a new role model… Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci are my heroes…

As I have investigate little bit about Picasso…I am taking my drawing more seriously..and I am drawing everyday…

I am trying to be creative in every moment of my life..

And I am looking forward to future because with time…I can only become better… It doesnt matter is it writing, drawing, painting or any other skill that I begin to learn..


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