Geography is interesting

Geography is very interesting. I love to read about countries, continents, nations, history, clime, traditions… And I love to look at map. Everyday when I am just passing through house, I grab a map and I just look at it.. I am looking at cities, rivers, mountains.. For me it is almost like smoking.. Something which I do unconsciously.. and everyday I know little bit more… I have a desire one day to draw maps… not like career, but more like a hobby..

I also like to look at maps of roads, high-ways, how everything is connected… how streets of cities are connected…

And there is nothing more interesting than when you are going to new place… I like to check it on map before…then visit the place…and then later again look at map to figure out better how everything is connected.

I probably like rivers the most… I love to investigate rivers..specially if I was swimming in them… I love to research where is beginning, where is end, how long is river, how wide it is, does it have a waterfalls, which waterfall is the biggest… I am not very good in recognizing fish and all the different species of fish..but that is definitely my desire one day to learn more about fish as well…

Then I love streets and cities… I love to see names of streets…I love to know in which period they were built..why do they have such name…

I specially love old cities and towns where I can see a lots of historical things.. old squares, old buildings… I dont know.. It is so interesting to me… I like to imagine historical times and what people where it looked their daily routine in that town…

I mean, there are so many interesting things to explore.. 


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