If you have a good idea, you will get money

If you have good idea, you will get money. Look at Elon Musk.. (I am a big fan of Elon Musk) ..he is playing with money.. I am not saying that he is irresponsible and that he wastes his money on meaningless things… But I am talking about that he has an ability to get money whenever he wants, however he wants and how much he wants… He blows up couple of rockets..it doesnt matter…we will give you more money.. Elon Musk has banks and investors.. he was on the edge to get swallowed by problems, and he was able to get couple of billion dollars… Of course, he works hard, he has a vision…and he is fearless..

But my point is…this is how big players are playing…Why should you waste and spend your money? Find investors.. bank will lend you money… To get money is simplest thing ever… Problem is, what to do once when you get money.. Elon Musk knows what to do with it… if you use it to buy a new car, you are screwed..you are just losing money… You have to pay off the debt…and plus…car is losing on its worth everyday…and there is possibility that your car will get broken..or even worse…that you will have accident and that you will smash your car totally and completely… Yes sure, you can pay for insurance…but again..you are losing money… you are not gaining back anything from that car…

But if you have an idea… Imagine, all you need is one good idea and you can get billions of dollars that easily…

I am not saying that it is easy…but if you have right idea..it is extremely easy..

I am not saying that we all should strive to have an idea and to play with billions… Thats not even my goal…. but point is that you dont have to work 20, 30 or 40 years to save some money so that you can invest it into something… You dont want that… You want money right now, immediately..while you are still young…

You have to think like Elon Musk..how can I get money right now to achieve my dreams???

I know that my parents didnt teach me that… They teach me to work, to save and to be afraid and scared with my money… Instead of teaching me that I should play with money…

Money is made on potential… If something has potential…you are willing to give your money for it… in the same way..if your idea or your vision has a potential…people are willing to give you their money…

But we are not encouraged to think and we are not encouraged to create…. We are encouraged to be afraid, fearful….and to spend all our money…on house, on car, on phones, on clothes…and God know what else… But why you are not one of those that is selling houses and cars? Why people dont come to you to spend their money at your place. Why dont you change the game?

It is really like monopoly in a way… I am talking about game monopoly… Either you are paying to others or others are paying to you…and we know that in that game, the more you get paid by others….that means that you will win the game…

And in real life, no one gets paid..you pay for house, you pay for car… and no one comes and pays to you…thats means that you are not playing game very well…


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