Most social problem are abstract, they are not real

We are generation that is highly concerned with social problems and social questions… We want freedom, we want our rights… and all that is perfectly ok. But are we going too far with all that? I think we are becoming artificial with our concerns and demands… We are trying to make idealistic human beings… We are drowning in sea of diplomacy, kindness.. we are losing direct speech… And if someone speaks direct, we say that he or she is disrespecting other person and that we threaten humans rights of other people…

Not even to mention this whole gender debates that we have.. It is artificial if you ask me… biggest problem is lack of knowledge and understanding.. we are so shallow in identifying our identities….

Feminism is nothing else but pure expression of egoism… It got nothing to do with human rights…at least not this modern feminism…

The same thing is with politics and religions…

We want fake humanity….

We are raising children that feel like victims..they feel threatened… But who is threatening them? Who is attacking you? Nobody… it is abstract.. it is not real.

If you are skillful and capable individual…if you seek knowledge and creativity…no one will threat you.. it doesnt matter your gender, race, religion or anything else.. I am not saying that there are no signs of racism and humiliation in our modern world…but it has decreased greatly..and we are working to decrease it even more…

But my point is that most people are not victims…and however they go around saying that they are victims.. they want special treatment…

By creating idealistic humans…by making this artificial freedom..we are destroying real freedom… by protecting our feelings so much..we are destroying human experience and what it means to be human…

I just wonder how far we will go in our abstract demands…???

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