Less consumption and more creativity

Modern world with all its beauties…is becoming very overwhelming because there is so much out there and everything is available immediately… We are consuming something almost every second of our day…

And we have an increase of mental health problems… I am sure that it is connected with our consumption habits.. It has become something totally outside of our hands… we are losing control over it… So many when they wake up, their phone is the first thing they pick up… When they go to sleep, their phone is the last thing that they are holding in hands.

I become irritated if I have my phone for too long in my hands…I become glued to screen and I just cant leave it easily. It is becoming obsessive and compulsive… Afterwards I just feel like throwing and smashing my phone…

We need to decrease our consumption.. Consumption of fake artificial foods, but also a consumption of information.. We are bombarded with information… If we limit amounts of information coming in…we will have more mental capacity to put out something.. Once our mind becomes calm with less information, we have more desire to be creative..

It is just like calorie restriction diet… Same thing should be with information and entertainment.. The less we have it, the more creative we will be..more relaxed we will be..

When Charles Bukowski wrote his first book…he was alone in his room, he didnt had anything…no distractions…nothing…and in just of couple of days, he finished his book… He didnt had nothing to consume… And we as humans, our brains crave stimulation, and if we dont have nothing to consume…we will do something and create something in order to get some kind of mental stimulation… If you dont stimulate your mind, you will make a suicide… Problem today is that we have too much stimulation for our brains… that is also a formula for suicide..

So just like how it is good to fast from food and to be little bit hungry so that organism can reset itself…it is also good to fast from information so that our mind can process all those information and create a more space and capacity for new things… Then you have two options, you can continue to bring new information coming in…or you can like Charles Bukowski, use that mental capacity to create something…


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