Skateboarding should be your priority, not video games

Skateboarding is one of those things that I didnt do actively in my childhood… but I should.. I was playing soccer, doing parkour, jumping and climbing…but to had even better childhood, I was supposed to do skateboarding… It is still not late for that… I am sure that one day when I will find enough time for it, I will dedicate more energy to it…although it will never be my priority..

But if you are child, then skateboarding should be your priority..not your mobile phone..

When I was a kid, I had computer but I didnt had Internet… I had computer, play station and television…but most of the time I was forced to be outside…thanks God for that..

So you get out of the house and it is boring and you have to be outside…then you go and do wild things with other children…what else could you do? Somebody is playing soccer, somebody is playing basketball, somebody is doing parkour, breakdance, somebody is skateboarding… it doesnt matter activity…what matters is that you have something and that you are doing something…

If somebody gives you a video games or Internet…you will stay in your room all day… why should you go outside and sweat and run and play something when you can stay at house and be entertained… By playing video games and using Internet, you are getting your dopamine rush… But if you limit or if someone else limits your usage of video games and computers…you will have to go outside and do something to get dopamine rush… You will have to move, jump, climb, run…in order to get some dopamine in your system.. But it is natural dopamine… Natural, balanced… Amounts of dopamine that gets released when you are playing videos games is not natural and it is not very well balanced…

Look for example poor kids in Brazil.. They dont have phones or computers…all they have is ball…and that ball means a world to them.. So they got nothing else to do than to play soccer whole day…. What else could they possibly do? Capoeira….or something.

But that is a benefit of less. For example, imagine that you limit your Internet usage…you would just be forced to do something else…out of boredom…

If you want to become good at something or develop a new skill, you have to give up something else to create more space…


  1. I actually own a Play station also and i play ball. I agree that dopamine rush in indoor activities like games isn’t natural, but you know, when you have friends that aren’t interested in outdoor events, only games and so on, you’ve got no choice but to be indoors with them.

    But I will start doing outdoor activities from now…regularly

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