Action takers vs. intellectual people

Action takers vs. Intellectual people.

There are two groups of people… People that like to live in the moment, people that listen to impulses in their bodies.. they seek excitement, adventure and action… And there are people who are more intellectual…they seek knowledge, wisdom, they like to think, analyze, reflect and find best solutions…

No one is 100% anything… We all have little bit of both sides in ourselves… Truth is that most people have one side more dominant…

To be somewhere in the middle is really the right thing for our character..

I have saw people that are big action takers… they are rarely bored, that is true… but in reality, they are constantly seeking stimulation which can become too much… Just like as if you are constantly seeking food… plus, they dont have perspective.. very often they make lots of mistakes and they get themselves in tricky and stupid situations which they could very easily avoid if they just stopped for second and look better at situation…  

On the other hand, people that are too much intellectual, they are destroying their instincts in their bodies… You cant calculate everything, there has to be some room for risk, for excitement, spontaneity, unpredictability, unknown… They usually get stuck in their rooms reading books and playing video games or watching movies… They need to put themselves in situations where they are little bit more exposed..

I think artist are in the middle ground. Creating art is combination of intellect and action.. But as we known, art is not just painting, music and poetry… Art can be anything. You can do everything with grace…

How to develop side where you are lacking?

I think action takers should start journaling their thoughts to develop perspective.. and intellectual people should do extreme sports to learn how to take a leap.


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