Multi-level marketing is not a pyramid scheme

Multi-level marketing or network marketing has a really bad reputation…and for reason. Have you ever saw a friend or family-member that got involved in it… What most people say about them? They have been brainwashed, they join the cult..and etc…

I have been in multi-level marketing so I know how it feels on your own skin haha.

However, multi-level marketing is not a pyramid scheme. It is not something illegal as most people think. It is legal business and it really has a potential to create wealth from it..

What is key word in every business? It is selling.. Imagine you have car company and you are producing best cars in the world…if you are not selling them, you will not make any money..

Look at artists.. For example Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh.. Picasso was rich artist and van Gogh died in poverty.. He was poor, hungry…and only after his death, his painting become valuable.. He didnt sell them when he was alive.. So person that has most sales, makes most money..

Same thing is in multi-level marketing.. You cant just recruit people…which by the way, most people are doing… You need to sell your products.. By selling you make money and by recruiting other people that will sell. If you and your team are not selling, you will not make any money… People get this wrong idea that they will get magically rich in multi-level marketing…that everybody will join them and together they all will make money.. but no. You have to work, and you have to sell.

Why multi-level marketing is best form of sales job? Because you get bonuses from your team… But you will not make any bonuses if those people are not selling anything.. if you put in your team people that just want quick money, you are making mistake…

Another reason why multi-level marketing has a bad reputation is because very often it attracts people that are spirituality empty… They sell you some magical lifestyle.. and people get attracted to it… If they only cut all that bullshit in their presentations, they will stop to attract all this empty people.. They need to become more professionals.

Last time I was at some presentation of multi-level marketing…room was full of young naive kids that were applauding for nothing, yelling, screaming…. Presentation was full of pictures with expansive cars, exotic islands and etc.. There was no serious people in that room… Serious people reject it because of all that hype for nothing…

That is because it gets bad reputation…

And for all the people who said that it is pyramid….you couldnt be more wrong… You can earn more than people above you… You can earn more than your mentor… Sure, he gets bonuses from your production and your sales..but you also get bonuses from sales of your team… So it is fair play.

Regular jobs are pyramids… You work for your boss.. Your boss is on top of pyramid and everybody else are below him… That is pyramid…

I am sure that I will one day again join some multi-level marketing…I just need to find a product that I would actually want to sell…Because I dont want to sell anything… And who knows, maybe one day I start my own multi-level marketing company…


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