1. sure…i think it is better to invest in your own company if you have entrepreneurial traits…some people dont and that fine… or to invest in real-estates…something that you can rent and get passive income every month… or for example, you can buy few jet-skies and rent them…hire somebody to work there and rent there for you and you are free to focus on other things..on your career, job, or your private life… I mean, there are billions of idea… we just need to become little bit more creative

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      2. Yes. I realized recently that investing in your own company, idea or business is the best type of investment (to me though). You are building up your business. You use the little income you have to invest in your business, at the end of the day, the profits you get from your business overshadows the initial amount you invested.

        I totally buy your idea on this. I just hope that people can be very creative and know what’s best for themselves.

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      3. We do have different things we value. But sometimes, what we value isn’t what needs to be valued at that moment. Wrong priorities.

        But with this post, I hope people who come by it will be enlightened. I will also try to share it to my social media

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  1. Vincent, no never retire from life. One day a man told me he was so excited cause this day I am finally retired! I said to him how old are you. He said, 60 years old! I said, what are you planning to do. He said I am going to paint the house and play golf ⛳. ! Oh my goodness gracious me. So I said to him Honey you missed something here and he said what? Well, I sat down scratching my head.. I said to him, here the life span of a man is 90 years old. He looked at me in shock and so I said, is it going to take you 40 years to paint your house? Can you play golf every day for 40 years? The Moral to the story here he hadn’t understood what that word retirement meant. 😒 Vincent, I told him, Mate got some news for you, you are not going to get out of this life alive either. So you were right, retirement means that you speculate on foolish Retirement Account. Congratulations Vincent you got it write again sweetie 😁😁😁

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