Be honest with yourself

I am a person that reads a lot. I know many things and I am able to make good connections between different topics. All that has served me to make a good impression on people. Some people. I wouldnt call myself manipulative, but I definitely know what should I say to make good impression and I know when to be silent and keep certain things for myself.. At least in professional world. In my private world when I am with friends, I am much less calculative and much more relaxed and spontaneous. However, all that makes me from time to time to be very egoistical. And egoism leads to arrogance and many other bad traits. But I will tell you a secret. First of all, no one can be egoistical for too long…sooner or later, life will prove you that you are not as good as you are thinking that you are.

But secret is…you just have to admit that you are dumb and stupid. I try to live with that thought in my head….I am stupid…. When you call yourself stupid, you open yourself for new knowledge, new information and new insights. And whenever I destroy my egoism and I admit myself that I am stupid, that always results in positive results. There is nothing worse than thinking that you know everything. And I have been there… Many times I was thinking for myself that I know everything and that I am ultra smart person. I mean, dont we all think that about ourselves? But reality is, I am not that smart.. There is much more of things that I dont know then things that I do know. I am dumb. Lets learn something new.

Egoism is really our worst enemy… If I had less egoism in my life, I could achieve much more in my life. Sure, I am 24, I am still young and many people are not successful or anything at this age.. We all are figuring this things out.. But I know certain people that are even younger than me and they have achieved much more and they are closer to their goals… And one thing that separates me from those people is the fact that they dont show so much egoism when you speak with them.

So I am trying to be very conscious about what is going in my head. And all I need is more work, more creativity, I need to put myself more in challenging situations, I need to test myself constantly…. And I should forget all about that egoism and thinking that I am good and that I am the man. There is always something to learn or improve. Always. And when you are in state of learning and improving, you are not egoistical…you cant be. Problem that you are trying to solve is bigger than you are… If you are bigger than your problems, then you are not challenging yourself enough.

And we all fall in this trap from time to time I think. Let me tell you one thing. Most successful people are not the smartest one, they are the one that are most committed, dedicated and persisted. Persistence makes someone great. Not if you are smart.

So whenever I admit to myself that I am stupid, I always experience something positive in my life. And whenever I am telling myself that I am good and that I am the best, I experience something negative… They say that only truth can set you free. And truth is, we all are stupid… Even things that we know are nothing in comparison with the things that we dont know.

Be honest with yourself. 


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