Creativity is only way out

Being creative is my therapy. In a world that is full of sadness, pain, people complaining, talking about politics, about peace, about economics, human rights…..I get too overwhelmed. I feel powerless. When I am listening about politics and so many different opinions about what is right way to live. Religions are debating… My parents have their own outlook on life, my grandparents have different outlook on life and my friends as well have different outlook on life… It becomes very confusing. Endless debates, endless problems, endless concerns… But do you know what else is endless? Mind and our potential and our possibilities… Human mind is the most powerful tool that exists on planet Earth. That gives me comfort. Instead of listening to so many opposing opinions, advice, and right ways…. I remind myself that everything is in my mind. If I am listening to the world and people around me, they scare me, they put fear into my mind, they manipulate me, they make me feel insignificant and powerless… And my mind has unlimited potential.. Then why do I feel so imprisoned? Why do I feel so little? Why do I feel sometimes so limited? Why do I feel insignificant? And at the same time I carry in myself unlimited potential of my mind. I know that is true because few times in my life I was able to tap into that potential… But I always forgot about it. I get distracted by the world around me.

Sometimes I feel that I was born in insane world. Sometimes I feel that I am insane. It is chaos. And all that keeps me sane is, creativity and my mind. Creativity and power of our minds are only way out. But why do I always forget that? It is right under my nose and so often I forget about that… Then I lose my self-confidence, I lose my worth, my assertiveness, my power…and all the time I carry this unlimited potential in myself. Man is a combination of animal and Universe… We have a part of Universe in ourselves… And we are acting like beggars.. Even animals have their own dignity.

And so often I wonder, we have unlimited potential in ourselves…our minds are really that great… And we afraid of that.. It seems that we are afraid of light. We are afraid of success. We are afraid of greatness that is inside us. We are afraid of our own power, our strength, our passions… We are afraid of ourselves…

If we only start to use our potential….  


  1. Some people are more sensitive to certain emotions so they get overwhelmed easily. I too have stopped listening to news from some time..because it makes me restless and only show negativity in the world..Instead I prefer documentaries that are a little better.

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    1. Sure.. Good choice for you… I even feel overwhelmed with blog… You know, likes, comments, other blogs…it becomes confusing…if you understand what i mean by that… It is the same things with social media… I am not using social media for many years now….but it is definitely overwhelming and it can play with your confidence

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      1. So true about social media..And yeah I can understand about the know in order to make more people read your blog ,you have to follow more and more blogs..but this will be quite overwhelming for someone like me.😅But if you feel overwhelmed due to it, its good to take a break and then come back stronger.

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  2. “Sometimes I feel that I was born in insane world. Sometimes I feel that I am insane. It is chaos. And all that keeps me sane is, creativity and my mind.”

    You are one emotionally healthy man, who knows and is aware of his feelings, that’s the best gift anyone can have.

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