Are words meaningless (game changer for me)

Recently I am drawing a lot. I am terrible in drawing.. Only now do I see some improvement. With drawing regularly, a couple of changes happened in my brain. My visual imagination is better, my memory is better, I pay more attention to details, I see things more clearly….but most important… I started expressing myself in new ways which awakened something in me.

I am person that has invested a lot of time in words. I read a lot, I write a lot and basically I am thinking a lot… I invested much time into intellectual pursuits.. Not that I am a master in any particular area…but I know something about everything.. However, by drawing regularly, I begin to understand that words are so shallow… Shallow to the point that I didnt want ever again to talk or write anything unless it is really necessary. There are so many other ways to communicate and express myself instead of using words… Words are very cheap…

I made one drawing of the table and room where I am drinking coffee or tea with my grandparents… That drawing says so much…. There are no words, no poety that could even compare itself to that simple drawing.

Basically, big part of my identity has been shocked. I had to go through some deep analysis of my life and my values… And I came to many interesting conclusions… It is time to develop other forms of expressions…

Everyday I spend couple of hours reading, watching something and writing… If I use all that hours into something else…I could for sure make myself much more happier, satisfied and fulfilled..

So I decided that I am not going to read and write so much… Instead…I will use that time for different things… Drawing, dancing, some new hobby… we will see how it will go..

I came to the point where I even ask myself if I want to write anymore…. the fact is… everybody have opinion… It is waste of time… It is waste of time for me to even think or even worse, to write about things that are happening in the world.. I dont care about world events, I dont care about news, trends, I dont want to read anything anymore…I dont want to bother myself with the information… Less consumption and more creativity…

However…I am only talking about myself… I would definitely encourage people to read more and write more…but I just found myself in the position where words are nothing in comparisons to different kinds of expressions..

Words are important… For example, I remember when I was at one job interview…and there were three people in room and they were interviewing me… and they were so mesmerized about my communication… they couldnt get enough of me… They just continue to ask me more and more because they were so much entertained by my style of communication and at the same time, they liked my insights… and boss of that company even told me that he never met such a young person who is so articulate, who express his ideas so well… and I said..thanks… But why I was able to do that? Because I spent many hours reading, writing and developing my intellect… So words are my familiar territory..

And words are important… If you are well-read person, if you know how to communicate, that will increase your chances for success… without a doubt…

But words are not everything…and I am learning that..

Last few days I am going through reflection about my writing…and should I write or should I use all my time on something else… and I was reading some of my old posts… and I came to the conclusion that big number of my posts really got nothing to do with words… In many posts I am just using words to explain something beyond those words…

So yes…I am going to continue to write… I am just going to stop consuming so much information…so that I have more mental capacity for other things..

But I can tell you couple of things about future of this blog, my name and my brand… Instead of just posts that contain words…I will start publishing for sure my drawings as well…and I will start a YouTube channel.. I have already everything prepared for my YouTube channel…I just need to upload few videos… that is going to be lots of actions and little words or no words at all…

However…all this is a journey…and I am glad that I can share my journey with other people…


    1. day will come…. haha
      about abstract art…i do try some abstract things and ideas…. but honestly…best area for me are buildings, houses, cars, boats, vehicle….. that goes most easy for me… I struggle a lot with humans… it is super-complex to me hahaha

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