Crying makes us happy

Crying is a normal thing… We just dont talk much about it.. Women maybe do talk more about it…but men are not talking about it…

I had to learn how to cry… I am serious about it… I forgot how to cry… From the time when I was around 10 years old…I didnt cry until recently.. In the last two years I would say that I have become much more emotionally mature and that I experienced some pain…so from the time to time…I would feel on edge to cry…but I would never cry… I dont know… Like my crying system is damaged from all the suppression and repression of tears and sadness… Of course… there is that element that I am a man and I have big ego and I will never let you see me to feel sad or disappointed… and I will feel ashamed and weak if I cry in front of you… but in reality..I felt that something is not right if I never cry…

Few nights ago, I was alone in my room…and I was thinking and reflecting about my childhood and about everything that my parents and grandparents did to me… To all the affection that they gave me, all the attention, all the love, and later when I got my brother… And then I begun to think about mortality and how everything goes away… My parents and grandparents…we only meet in that short period of Universe… Universe is infinity…eternity…and in those few moments that we get a chance to meet each other and to create some kind of meaning…and to give love to each other…it is amazing…then we all die…and God knows what happen next… And then I felt how much God loves me.. How blessed I am… I am not religious but I believe in God… and then I am thinking how lucky I am…and I can feel that there is a bright future in front of me… and so many mixed feelings started mixing up in me…feelings of gratitude, of sadness, of happiness, of confusion…everything was bottling up so much….and finally I was broken…and I started crying…for the first time really crying after many years… and I was so happy that I am crying… I was so happy that tears are falling from my face… It was so liberating… and to be honest with you…I felt that everything is ok.. I have the feeling that everything is going to be alright.. It was such a warm feeling… Such a comforting and soothing feeling…ahhhhh…. I want to cry again haha… I really need to cry more often hahahaha.

I felt like, this is so beautiful…

To be super honest with you…that night when I was crying….I felt more happy than I do when I am laughing…


Tears affected me deeper than joy and laughter…

What is your relationship with crying ? I want to know more what other people think about it????


  1. I can never cry when I want to. When I feel like I NEED to cry, it doesn’t come out. Then when I don’t want to cry, that’s when I start bawling. For example, if I’m watching a sad movie and I don’t want to cry in front of the other people watching it with me, I can’t stop it. But if I’m having a bad day and I need to cry, I just can’t!
    Crying always reminds me of the Disney Pixar movie “Inside Out” and how the character Sadness had an important role in Riley’s emotions.

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    1. i am happy to hear that… thing that i didnt mention in post is the fact that many people confuse crying with being childish…you know…complaining, whining…but in reality…it is only a physical reaction to accumulated emotions in the body. I know that you know this haha…I just forgot to write it in the post…

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