Superficial freedom

Lots of people today talk about mental health. It seems that everybody are depressed these days. But what lead to that and is it possible to change that?

Before, in some previous times…you were born and you had identity. It doesnt matter are you born in ancient Greece, Rome, China, India or any other civilization…you had a purpose. You were strongly connected to that culture and you were playing a part in it. Today, we are disconnected with our tradition and our culture…plus, we have Internet and we are developing new kind of culture. For the first time in history, we are free from tradition..we live in liberal world. Instead of having identity and knowing our role since we are little, we need to create our identity.. But it seems to me that this modern identity in not grounded identity… It is almost like some kind of abstract identity that we are creating for ourselves. We are losing our roots.. It is false freedom. It is freedom in theory. But in reality, we are psychologically not free.

We want some form of abstract freedom. Intellectual freedom. Philosophical freedom. We have some strange idea about that freedom.

Problem with that is that we want a life that is free of challenges and difficulties. Although many people will say that they want challenges and difficulties…because it sounds cool… But truth is that they dont want challenges and difficulties. They want to be protected in the safe space… That is freedom…

I dont want to be free… It is superficial freedom.