Very often I think about you,
It just goes through my mind,
Memories, all the moments that we share together,
Laughter, joy, passion, blind love,
Not thinking about future and realistic side of life,
Just enjoying each other,
Cant get enough of each other.

I still remember how you used to hug me,
How you were attached to me.
I still remember how you used to get nervous when I am around,
Which was sweet to me.

We truly loved each other,
But external circumstances and real life came in between us.
It was tough decision,
And I never explain that to you.
But that is our style,
Communicating telepathically and through intuition more than through words.
Although it is over between us, I still miss you sometimes.
Sometimes I just want to feel your body next to me.
Your presence, your hair, your skinny shoulders..
All about you I miss…

And although I moved on with my life,
Sometimes you visit my mind like a ghost…
And I am thinking, why life is the way it is.
You and me…it feels like destiny,
But we cannot be together..
So what is destiny now?
Are we made for each other or not?
I am confused.

And in any case if you think that I forget you and that I dont love you anymore,
It is not true.
I still carry you in my heart.
Still I am able to move mountains for you…
But unfortunately, I even built some mountains in between us…
But that is to protect myself from not coming back to you.
I know that it just wouldnt work to keep any contact with you..
But I hope that angels will share my message with you and show you how much actually do I care for you.
I love you.
It is beyond imagination.
But I have to let you go….
Maybe in some other place, some other space, universe,
Maybe in some other life we will meet again under right circumstances,
But until that…
Good luck!