I saw you looking at me.
You want to know more about me.
You want to talk with me.
You want to say: Hi!
But I am not really helping you,
Because I have this wall around me.

I want to talk with you as well.
I want to laugh, smile, I want to tell you my secrets…
I want to tell you my dreams, my hopes, my goals…
I want to impress you,
I want to make you fall in love with me.
I want to give you everything that I got…
But still, I ignore you..

But why?
Only God knows why did he created me to be the way I am.
But why I dont open?
Because I dont know who you are.
I like you on outside, and you seem very genuine person,
But I want to know who you are deep inside?
Would you really care for me?
Will you leave me when things will not go well..??
Will you backstab me?
Will you take advantage of my kindness?
Are you really ready to go to the end of the world with me?
Because if not, then I dont want to waste even a one minute with you.

This is why I am cold.
I dont want to give you my heart so that you can break it..
My heart is my heart…
And no one is going to take advantage of it.
But until I figure out who you are..
I will keep my eyes on you,
While you will be thinking that I am just ignoring you.

28.June 2020.