Blog #000 – Introduction


Hello! Some of you know me from my previous blog posts. I was writing regulary almost every day. Couple of months ago, things changed littled bit. I started to draw. And drawing is something that I am really terrible at. I have always been a person that is good with words. I knew how to express myself through words. But I was always thinking..there has to be something deeper than words. So I started to draw. It was very dificult practise for me. In the beginning I couldnt do it for more than 10 minutes. I would very easily become frustrated and discouraged. But I gave myself a promise that I will stick with this new discipline.

Today, couple of months laters, I am still bad at drawing, but there is for sure some progress and improvement. And here I want to share that with you, starting from my very beginnining. Throughout the weeks, we will see how things were changing with my drawing and painting. And in the meantime, while I will be publishing my old paintings and drawings, I will continue to make new one and of course, I will upload them as well.

I did my paintings in ‘Paint3D’. So they are digital paintings. Most of my early work there was simply exploring the possibilities of ‘Paint3D’

So lets jump into it…

I hope you will enjoy the ride..  !!

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