Blog #001 – Staring at screens, bluelights, lowering the brightness, radiation and etc.


Screens are everywhere in your life. We carry devices that are producing this so called bluelights wherever we go. We carry it in our pockets, in our hands, we are using them for talking and we are holding it on our ears, we go to sleep and that device is maybe only a half of meter away from us….and basically, those screens are in front of our face most of the time. It can be phone, computer, TV.. it doesnt matter.

To put it simply in words,… I dont think this is good. There has to be some side effects from that.

Technology is beautiful. Internet has enhanced world in such a positive way that it is fascinating. We can use our screens for getting information, for education, for knowledge, for entertainment, for sharing pictures and videos, for business… I mean, for everything.

But, it comes with some cost…for sure.

Lately I have been using my computer very intensively. What happened is that my eyes were hurting and my head was in pain. I had a headache. And I am not a person that is usually having this problems. And immediately, I linked it to my usage of technology.. In other words, staring at the screen.

Of course, I cant just smash my computer and continue with my life. I need my computer. Just like how we all need it. It has become a necessity. You cannot function in modern world without it.

So I asked myself, how can I make my screen time to be less damaging for my health. And I got few ideas that could work. So lets go through them.

  1. Reduce the screen time. That is obviously, right.? I know that for some people, their whole work and career is based on computers. But at least, you dont have to watch TV when you come home. You dont have to spend your free time in front of screen as well.  
  2. Standing up. Sitting is killing you. I made my own standing desk at home. Very simply without spending any money. I took some old shoes boxes that I have on my attic…and from that I made a standing desk.
  3. Lower the brightness of your screen. It will definitely save your eyes and your head. I put brightness of my screen on minimum and in last few days, I dont have any irritation in my eyes.
  4. Dont watch videos and movies for too long. Videos and movies are very dynamic, full of colors, full of visual stimulation… I think it is not the same if you use computer for reading, writing, or if you are for an example, a programmer. This activities are not so dynamic in visual way and so it is less stressful for your eyes and brain than movies and videos. That is just my theory.
  5. Dont use earphones. I think it is bad for your ears and it goes directly to your brain. I dont know what exactly is going on but it is for sure bad for you.
  6. Dont put your phone next to your head when you are sleeping. I dont know if this is true and if there is some harmful effects of having phone next to your head.. but I know one thing for sure…It is definitely less harmful to put it somewhere further away. 

Those are some of tips that I will be using to lessen the possible damages of staring at screens. There are still not enough scientific evidences about it, but just intuitively, I feel it is bad for our health. But anyway, lets say few words about modern civilization.


Lights, screens, bluelights, electricity,…. Welcome to modern world my friend.

Although electricity and lights have enhanced our lives greatly, still, I think they took something from us as well. Something raw and primal. They for sure disconnected us from some of ours natural patterns. This is at least how I feel about it. And I think that we definitely need to find a way to reduce our screen times as much as it is possible, and we need to enjoy darkness and silence. We need to disconnect from the reality where we are connected 24/7. I think that is a battle for saving our human side.


What do you think about all this? Are you taking all this seriously as I am? Have you thought about it before? Do you have some tips about how to manage screen time? Am I exaggerating all this?

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