#Poetry – It is Autumn


It is autumn and it is raining.
The whole atmosphere has become dark and depressing.
Days are short,
But depression is long.

It is a depression that makes you happy.
Air is so fresh and so strong,
Wind is cold
And streets are wet.

It is time for reflection and introspection.
I am drinking coffee and I want this cup to be endless.
Every sip has a taste of…..
A taste of some deep longing.
A taste of desire.
It is eating me from inside.
But it is a sweet pain.

I am daydreaming.
Dreaming about some better life,
But I dont have a strength to take any action,
I guess I feel lethargic.

I feel lonely,
But I dont want to talk to anyone.
I feel ready, but I dont want to move.
I feel hypnotized by some strange mood.
I just cannot shake it of from me.
I am falling deeper and deeper into passivity.
Time is passing by,
I didnt do anything.
Guilt arises, depression is strong.
Can I escape from my skin?
Where is the exit door from all this?
I guess there is no other thing to do than to stand up,
Get angry and start moving.
Me vs. lethargy.
Some days I win,
Others dont.

It is autumn!

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