Blog #002 – Using WordPress or coding your own website


Making website today is something that is available for everyone. It is super easy. You can pay someone to do it for you, you can use WordPress or something similar, and you can even code your own website. But what is the difference between coding your website and using WordPress for example?

Whatever you do by yourself, it is probably way more satisfying. Coding your own website will definitely make you feel like you accomplished something. And you should do it. In fact, if you are into it, it can even become a business for you, or at least, a side-hustle.

But what are some benefits of using WordPress?

I will not get into details and compare every single little thing… but, what is the biggest benefit of it?

And it is community. WordPress gives you a community. There are other people with their own websites and blogs. You can find some very interesting people, you can follow them, like their posts, comment on them… and plus, now you are part of this whole community, so that means that other people can find you much more easily, they can get in contact with you. You will more easily get an attention, a quick feedback, and you will be able to bring more traffic to your website….because of that community.

If you are a personal blogger, who will find you? It is impossible to find your blog. But if you are part of this community, people will find you much more easily.

And the best thing about it, you can become a part of this community for free.

Dont be lone wolf, jump into this sea with other fish, and play your game.

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