#Poetry – My mom cooking in the kitchen


Ohoo, what is that?
I can smell something,
It smells like some nice good food prepared…
That is my mom cooking in the kitchen.

I love my mom!
I love her food.
Rmm rmm, that is my stomach rumbling…!
I am hungry.

It smells so good,
But still, it is not done.
I am hungry and
I cant wait for this delicious food to be on table.
On table, right in front of me…
Ohhh, I cant wait.

Smell of my mom’s food is a smell of…
A smell of home!
A smell of safety!
A smell of comfort!
A smell of love!

And once when I start to eat,
I am not raising my head from the table.
Nothing in this world doesnt exist anymore.
I have no worries.
I want to say: ”Mom, I love you!”
But I cant because I am too busy eating.

And once when my stomach becomes full,
I just go to my bed, lay down,
And I sleep!

Thats love, that happiness,
Thats mom and thats family !!!


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