Blog#003 – Traits of super-genius people


Other day I was thinking, what makes someone genius.? Which traits should I strive to develop to at least, be little bit smarter than I am right now. Thinking about it, I came to few conclusions.. What makes someone super-genius..?? Here is my list:

  1. Super-genius people are super-curios. Their curiosity is strong and every second of their life, they are stimulating and satisfying this curiosity.
  2. Super-genius people want to understand how things work. They are not satisfied with simple answers, they want to understand everything behind the subject. They dont want just to drive a car, they want to understand how cars actually work and function. But thats not all, they want to make a step even further and think how they can make even better cars, or in fact, which kind of vehicle could we create and manufacture so that it replaces cars…???
  3. Super-genius people are digging dip for truth, for knowledge, for ideas, for information, for everything…. Dont tell them that sky is blue.. Explain to them why sky is blue. And by the way, tell them which color is sky on the Mars and other planets in the Solar system.
  4. Super-genius people know that answers are not in the books. Books can contain only old information, you will not find any new invention in the book. If you want to invent something, you have to look for answers in your own mind. Think. Explore ideas and possibilities. Develop communication with Universe, with God, with Infinitely Intelligent Being.
  5. Super-genius people are breaking the rules and they are pushing limits of what is possible more forward. Thats why they are genius. They are able to do something that has never been done before.   
  6. Super-genius people love their mind. Their minds are most exciting thing that exists for them in this world. They are constantly stimulating and developing their minds.
  7. Super-genius people live by their own rules and they follow their own path. Why? Because it is more exciting and stimulating than to follow someone’s else path. Plus, they are so ahead with their thinking… They are smarter than most people and it is very hard to pretend that somebody else is boss and that somebody else is smarter.

So thats my list. That is from my observations and thinking about super-genius people. I hope it is helpful and informative for you.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day !!!


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