#Poetry – Looking for a silence


Abundance is everywhere around me.
Computers, TVs, radio…
So much noise..
I am listening, I am watching,
I am paying attention to it.
But it just leaves me empty.

New movies, old popular songs,
Entertainment is endless.
I am so lost in it
That I forgot who I am.

I am becoming anxious and I feel disconnected from myself.
I feel lonely, scared, hopeless.
So much abundance and entertainment around me,
And still, I am not happy.
I think I am going crazy.
There is much noise in my brain.
But I cant stop consuming the content.
I am addicted.

And finally, when I am tired of everything,
I turn off computer, TV and radio…
And I just sat down.
I stopped information from entering my head,
And all of suddenly,
Peace falls on me.
It is beautiful.
Everything is so quite and so peaceful.
My whole being relaxes in this silence.
I am connecting myself to the deeper parts of myself.
Now the noise is gone, and all I am left with,
Is my thoughts.
Just mine.
I am tired of watching TV and having other people thoughts
In my brain.
I want my own thoughts.

Noise is for those people who want to escape the fear of loneliness.
Constant artificial stimulation of their brains.
But silence is beautiful.
Everything has a price.
TV, computer, radio…
Those things cost certain amount of money.
But silence and peace,
Those things are for free,
But their worth,
It is priceless.

So just close your eyes, and relax.


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