#Poetry – Life is worth living


Human life is so fragile.
We are so vulnerable.
It is scary.
Every step could be dangerous.
Accidents, illness, potential dangers…
Disappointments, sadness, anxiety, fear..
It seems that life is a scary place,
But with all this terror,
Still, life is worth living.

So much chaos,
But still, humans find a reason to be happy and to smile,
Because, life is worth living.

People are laughing, enjoying,
They are having good time,
And you should do it to,
Because life is worth living.

Sometimes it seems that life is meaningless,
Hopeless.. Nothing makes sense.
But still, I repeat, life is worth living.

Your time here is limited, and moment will come.
You will be gone. Forever.
So live now while you can.
There is no time for being miserable.

Every day thank God that you are alive.
Because, life is worth living.

Stop being sad and angry,
You are wasting the most precious gift that you have,
And that is:

But what is life?
What is definition of life?
How do scientist define life?
Well, I dont know,


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