Blog #005 – One part of my life is finished


Hello my dear readers! I hope you are having a good day!

Sadly, but without regrets, I can say that one part of my life is finished. But let me give you a background story first.

I was born in Zagreb, a capital city in Croatia.

My grandparents are from small village in small town called Slunj which is little bit more than 100 kilometers far from Zagreb.

In 1960-ies, my grandparents moved to Zagreb because Slunj was in poverty and there were really no big opportunities to work there.

Still today, my family is located in Zagreb. But our old house in Slunj is now like vacation home. For me, it is really a home in paradise. It is located on one hill far from civilization. Everything around is pure nature. Trees, forest, streams, rivers.. It is beautiful. Since I was a young kid, we were visiting that house every year when I was on school vacation. I always loved to go there.

Since my grandparents retire from their work, most of the time, they are more often in Slunj than in Zagreb. And in last couple of years, I was in that village with my grandparents almost all the time. Especially during the summers. But, whenever I had opportunity to go there, I went.

And last couple of years, that village was empty. Only two old ladies living there, plus my grandparents who are not there whole year. Truth is, all the time somebody is coming to that village to visit and spend few days in relaxation there, but nobody is living there except that two old ladies.

And many people have asked me, what are you doing there without Internet, without friends and young people, spending time with your grandparents and two old ladies??? What do you find so interesting there?

You know, when somebody doesnt understand things like this, it is very hard to explain it to those people.

But I love it to be there. You get the chance to help your grandparents, but more importantly, you get the chance to truly MEET your grandparents in very close way. You listen to their stories, you learn about your own history and tradition. Everyday we would visit this two ladies or they would come to visit us for coffee, drinks, food.. And everyday we would talk and laugh.

Many people asked me, what can you talk about with old people? Thats the thing, I dont talk so much with them, I listen. Those are always pleasant conversations, without the ego, without the competition. I enjoy the company of the old people.

I remember one night last year, summer 2019. We had a very fun day, we were working something around the house, and in the evening we went to this old lady and we were drinking and eating in front of her house. Outside was beautiful, sky was full of stars, temperature was perfect, I mean, perfect day… And this old people around me are laughing and talking, going over their memories. And I remember that I was thinking…this is not going to last forever. My grandparents are old, these ladies are old… The fact is, I will not get many opportunities to spend days like this. So I got to enjoy it while it is lasting. But however, my soul was at the peace, because I knew that one day when this will be over, I will have no regrets… I will not have that thought, Ohh, I wish that I have spent more time with my grandparents.

And now, one year after, it is over. There will be no more days like this.

In November 2019. one of this ladies passed away. This summer 2020, my grandfather had a stroke. He is fine now, he is recovering very well, but I doubt that we will be able to spend so much time on that village since it is far away from any hospital or ambulance. Few days ago, this other lady passed away as well.

So that means it is over. No more days and nights with this old people that I can freely say, were my friends in a way. No more pleasant conversations with these souls. No more…nothing what I experienced going there.

Like I said, I am sad, but I dont have any regrets. I am happy that it happened. I am happy to experience all that and now is gone.

Regarding my village, the story is still not over. Right now, there is no people there. But still I am here. Future is in my hands. I have to do something for this village one day.

If there is any regret, that is for not taking photos. Because I never had that habit to take my phone and take photos. But memories live in heart. Here are some photos of my grandfather and my grandmother.

My grandfather
My grandmother


  1. I can feel it when you said “I like talking with old people”. Obviously you shouldn’t have any regrets , as the time that you spent there is going to be with you all your life.
    Hope you can do something for your village🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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