#Poetry – Poetry for my grandmother


My grandmother,
I can say million things about her,
But at the same time, I cannot say even one.

Internally she is so rich,
But externally, she is so hidden.
She doesnt play any main-role.
She is far from the spotlight,
But still, the whole picture without her wouldnt be complete.
She is like that one small piece,
At first, it looks like this piece is not important,
But without it, nothing can work perfectly.

Everything she does is in service for others.
Her ego doesnt exist.
She is not trying to prove anything.
She is quiet but she is strong.

She feels no pain,
But when she sees somebody else in pain,
She will cry rivers for that person,
Never hiding her tears.

She is hurt when you are hurt.
She feels pain when you feel pain.
Like I said, it is almost like she doesnt exist.
She feels zero self-pity for herself,
She will never talk about herself.
Her heart is pure.

Like I said, I dont know how to explain her.
She is mystery for me.

At times, she is annoying,
Like all grandmothers.
At times, she is so compassionate.
But when I look deeper in her heart,
I see lots of wounds.
She grow up in difficulties times.
She was always somewhere in the back of picture,
Never upfront.
She never felt like princess growing up.
She was always living with the thought of service and caring for somebody else.
But, there are deep and real emotions in her,
And there is a purity in her eyes.

Although she is annoying and nagging most of the time,
I love her.
And grandma,
Thank you for everything that you did for me!!!!!!!


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