My first website using HTML only

Hello my dear friends! I hope you have a good day!

Not so long ago, I started learning coding and programming. I didnt know anything about coding. So, no background in this field. Then my friend who is into coding, he explained to me the basics, he explained to me programming languages, markup languages, text-editors and etc. He suggested me to first learn HTML and CSS, and later to move to PHP, JavaScript and etc. So that is what I did. He showed me to how to make HTML document and some simple codes that I can use. Later, I started watching YouTube videos and tutorials and I started creating my own projects simply for practice.

So here is my first project using only HTML. There is very little CSS in it (header & footer) which I used inside this HTML document.

I took pictures and I am sorry if it is presented in a bad way because I really dont know what would be the best option to share this.

But, here it is..

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