In the time of drama,
Politics, media, everybody are arguing.
Nobody is happy.
I just want to express myself.
I want to be creative and productive.

World is too big and it is too cold.
I just want to create my own little shelter,
My own small world.
There I can think, read, write and draw.

Why do you follow media and why do you enjoy the drama?
It is ugly.
Your reality is sad, dark and cynical.
Instead of living and expressing yourself,
You are leading abstract battles.
Political correctness.
Why can’t you just be kind?
Why you need to make an abstract theory about the kindness?

I don’t know.
I am looking for beauty around me
And you are searching for negative,
I don’t understand why.

Call me eccentric, call me dreamer, call me weird.
But at least, I am not manipulated like you are.
I am listening to my heart
And you are reading the newspapers.


At the end of village,
Far away from the people,
There was an old man,
Living alone.

Nice, kind and friendly,
But still… Lonely!
His only company was his horse.

He loved that animal so much
And animal loved him.

When old man went to marketplace,
People were telling:
”Look at this weird man! He is talking to horse.”
And old man was saying to horse:
”These people, their minds are too shallow and
  Their hearts are blind!
  Oh my dear friend,
  You may be a horse,
  But you are more human than they are.
  You are so noble, so protective and you don’t have a pride.”

Old man loved humans, animals and all the living creatures.
How is it possible that man with such a heart is lonely?
Sometimes, during a fresh evenings while sky would be full of stars,
An old man and horse would be sitting next to fire…
Very often, old man would look into the eyes of his friend
”I can see your soul! You are beautiful!”

For many years they have been together.
Everybody thought he is crazy because he is
Talking about God and love.
So he isolated himself.
”I do not find an affection and a kind word from my contemporaries.”
He would often express his sadness to his horse.
”Maybe you don’t understand what I am talking,
  But at least you love me.”
So that was all that he had,
God and his horse.

But one day, a horse got sick, and passed away.
”Oh my dear friend,
  You were so loyal to me.
  Thank you for your service.
  Who knows where you are now?
  Who knows where is your soul now??
  I wish that we can meet again.
  Maybe in next life.
  Or somewhere in heaven.
  I hope next time I will be a horse
  And you will be a human,
  So that I can return back my service to you!
  Oh, my dear friend, I will miss you so much!”
An old man was crying.
His soul was begging for warm word and a hug.
But there was nobody around.

Few days later,
An old man went to marketplace, alone.
He saw one playful boy.
Boy looked so happy and joyful.
There is something divine about the children.
Their hearts are still not poisoned.
An old man reached to his coins and he bought a candy.
He gave a candy to boy.
A boy’s eyes become wider and his smile became bigger,
He thanked him.
Old man smiled back.
Then came a father of this boy.
”Son, don’t talk to this guy,
  This is a crazy old man from the village.
  Stay away from him.”


Winter was cold.
Probably the coldest one ever.
Cold and long.
But you will say, that is impossible!
Global warming is here
And every winter is warmer and warmer.

You have a point,
You know your facts.
It is true if we are talking
About climate changes and the way it effects environment.
It was warm winter.
But my environment,
My inner world.
That was cold.
There was a raw winter.

So depressing,
Desperately waiting for the first flowers and
First birds to start singing,
Hoping, that with season changes,
My mood will change as well.

Days are longer, warmer
And people are happier.
I am full of excitement
And my energy is endless.
I just want to move and be active.
I want to live,
I want to breathe.
I just want to exist.
I am happy for no reason.
Everything is fine and I have no worry in the world,
But, damn,
Winter was long and cold.


There was one man,
He had a big, long black moustaches.
Those moustaches were so dark,
You could see them from miles away.
Poor man,
Even his mom was thinking
That he is ugly.

But there was a one girl,
A princess.
She was in love with this ugly man.
Her father was ashamed because of that.
”My dear daughter,
  There are two hundred young men
  Outside standing in the line,
  Wanting to marry you!”
”But dad, I love those moustaches.”
Father was devastated.

One morning,
A princess went on a date with this guy
Who had big, long black moustaches.
Her father send his soldier to follow her.
”Stalk her and see what she is up to!”
Soldier was following the princess.
She met with the guy with dark moustaches.
Soldier was hiding in the bush
And he was observing them.
Princess hugged the man and told him:
”Oh my dear,
  I missed you so much!
  Last night I had a dream,
  You kiss me
  And your big, long black moustaches
  Started giggling me.
  My mouth was full of your moustaches.
  And I was so happy!”
Soldier in the bush started puking.

Later, soldier returned to her father.
”Sir, I got bad news,
  Your daughter really loves those moustaches
  And she will marry him.”
Father was in tears.
”Everybody will laugh at me,
  They will make fun of me,
  I can see it coming,
  So many mean jokes about me,
  Of course, behind my back.
  Ohh God, my reputation is over!
  Soldier, catch that man,
  Cut his moustaches
  And burn them!”

And soldier did,
He catch him,
Cutted his moustaches
And then he burned them.
Big, long black moustaches
Were gone in ashes.

Mother of this guy was happy:
”Oh my son, my beautiful son,
  You have such a pretty face!”
But princess was not so happy.
”What happened to your moustaches?”
”Somebody cut them and burned them.”
”But now I don’t love you anymore!”
Princess run away,
Hysterically crying.
For the rest of her life,
She was celibate.


    1. happy to hear that.

      honestly, I don’t follow it. But I guess it is the same as everywhere. People are complaining too much. We have democracy and capitalism. Older generations are very conservative, closed-minded, negative, critical, judgmental… and younger generations as you can probably guess, are more liberal and open.. Our media is very shallow and superficial, they are reporting only things that are not important. For example, if you are politician and today you eat mixed salad and you drank a glass of wine, tomorrow everybody will know it and whole country will talk about it. But at the same time, we have brilliant individuals, engineers, computer scientist, artists… and they are not getting any attention. So, media is very negative, and even if they present something positive, very usually there is some propaganda behind it. Next… if you are successful, people will immediately see you as criminal. Croatia as independent country is only 26 years old. Before we were part of Yugoslavia (many different nationalities from Balkan, but all one country, we have been under communism) ..then we had in early 90s a war where we have been fighting for our independence. And many people have of course been victims of that war. And still today, we are recovering from that war. Economically as well as emotionally. That is the reason why older generations are so conservative and so skeptical. And I understand them. Some wounds just never heal. But unfortunately, they are stuck in the past and they are beating the dead horse. They have really a problem with moving on with their lives. But luckily, newer generations, we are not carrying so much a burden of our past and we are more optimistic about our future. So I hope that in 20, 30 years, things will be very different. Many young people are unfortunately leaving Croatia because we have small salaries compared to the rest of Europe. And now we are importing strangers from even poorer countries to work here. Our political leaders are funny. They are just arguing between each other, there is lot of drama going on… and really, it is nothing else but cheap entertainment. We as well had two strong earthquakes last year, and many families have lost their homes. And it is ironical because this place is the same place that was hit by the war 25 years ago, and in order to recover from war, they have built very cheap houses with not lot of material, and now of course, earthquake hit and those houses just collapsed because they are not properly built. And now again, people are just even more in misery. And economically it is all just worst. But there are many good things. One day you should come to Croatia to explore sea shores, untouched nature, waterfalls and other interesting things. Croatia is touristic place, it is very safe and I can guarantee that you will like it. What about your place? You are somewhere from India? What is situation there?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The political situation in India is similar to what you described. That all same things…I think there are many similarities, the media is equally bad here and politicians funny. But being a large country, it is so much diverse.
    And what you said about older generations also applies here. I guess it’s the story of every other country that was colonised or has suffered from wars.
    Most of young people from my place are moving to foreign countries: mainly Canada and Australia,, almost 80% of my classmates from high school have moved.
    But now I am feeling like every place seems good only from far, but has same issues and problems that exist everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes, the grass is always greener on the other side.. I think it is just in our blood to behave like this…. to complain, to be negative… I don’t want to sound like mr. Positive guy who is above all that, because it is not true. Very often I am complaining and very often I am not happy, but at least I am trying to search for good things and I try to minimize these negative. When I am by myself, I feel confident and hopeful. But when I watch news or I speak with somebody who is just repeating unconsciously the things that he heard on news, I became fearful, full of doubts, discouraged… I feel powerless. I don’t understand people who rejoice in all that negativity and drama. Yes, India is diverse. I heard many things about India and about religions and their past, but to be honest, I really don’t know much about that. For us, in Europe, India is mystery. Sure, I watched documentaries, I read books, but still it is unknown to me. So, if you would have to describe India in 5-6 sentences, what would your description be? Do you have regions, what your cities look like, your villages, which religions do you have, is there capitalism or which system… and for example, what is like an average Indian person in their 20s… what goes through mind for an average 20 year old Indian person. Which aspirations? I mean, just in short…hahah, like few sentences.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hmm..okay.
        First let me tell you I am also like you in regards to feeling confident when alone and get all kinds of negative thoughts and fears when I see news or other things.
        I think that through watching documentaries, we can’t know any place correctly as the reality always differs from what is shown. They either depict a place as very dangerous or very good, which can never be true as every place has both good and bad.
        Regarding your question, Ahh! It is difficult to explain, but let me try.
        Most of the population in India is rural but with time urbanization is happening. The cities are having more work facilities but more pollution and problems also. As for villages, not any major opportunities but good lifestyle and food. It guess it’s same everywhere.
        There are numerous religions in India. Even a certain religion has its own sects. In every state, there are different dialects of same language. I myself know 3 languages fluently and many more which I can understand.
        And I think I am not even capable of answering the question as I have not travelled much and I am yet to explore more.
        India is moving towards capitalism and lot of westernisation happening.

        As for aspirations, I think first thing that I would want is improvement in education system and then more focus on fulfilling basic needs of people. Education is good in cities, but not for major population. The capable ones are not finding opportunities to work. That is what goes through my mind.

        Well, if I tell you, this is not my complete view. I am of the opinion that good and bad was there from always and will always be there. Everything has a purpose and I would like to focus on my own. If I would focus on all bad that is happening, I will surely go mad🤣 . So, I want to focus on what can I do.
        Atleast, I will never contribute to anything that robs people of their rights or suppresses anyone. That is the thing I want. I can’t control others.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I completely agree with your last paragraph. It is very interesting this part about languages and dialects. So which is your language (or dialect), like which one are you using the most ? And this state that you mentioned… How many states in India?

        I like your aspirations. It is good that you are socially aware and concerned about the well-being of the rest of people. The fact is that most young people are just partying and are concerned only in themselves and they live for themselves. But if young person is very early aware of situation and life outside of their ego, I am sure this person can become some kind of leader or visionary…or whatever..


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