Poetries for June 2021.


Bended over the river,
There she was,
”Oh, where is my prince on white horse?
  I am getting older
  And I don’t want to remain alone.”
There she was,
And nobody cares.

Nobody cares except one tree.
”Tell me, beautiful young girl,
  Why are you crying?
  You are so young, the whole life is in front of you.”
”Today I am young and beautiful.
  Men wants to have me,
  But very soon,
  I will not be young and beautiful,
  And nobody will want me.
  Right now, I can have every man from my village,
  But they are all cowards.
  I want real man.
  I want my prince on white horse.
  I want strong masculine man
  To hold me in his arms
  And there I can feel safe and warm.
  I want…”

”Bla bla bla…
  I don’t care what you want.
  Life is cruel
  And you will either die alone
  Or you will marry a coward.
  Look at me,
  I am a tree.
  I want to be human,
  I want to be your prince on white horse,
  So that I can kiss you,
  Hug you and hold you in my arms.
  You are beautiful,
  I want to touch you.
  But my destiny is cruel,
  I will live for many hundreds of years,
  And I will never kiss a girl
  And hold her in my arms.”

”Oh poor tree,
  Let me climb on you
  And I will sit on your branches.
  You can hold me.”

Girl tried to climb a tree,
But then she fall
And she broke her neck.

”Damn!” –
A tree would say.

At that moment,
A prince on white horse came.
”Excuse me, tree, I am talking to you,
  I heard that in this village
  Is living a very beautiful and young girl.
  I want to marry her!”

”I am afraid that you are late.
  She tried to climb on me
  And she fall on the ground.”

”You bastard, why didn’t you hold her?
  If she was in my masculine arms, that would never happen.
  Life is so cold
  And I feel this coldness and this loneliness
  In my heart.
  I will cut you, you stupid tree,
  So that I can use you for fire
  And I can try to bring some warmth
  To this cold world!”

And prince cut the tree,
And he set up a fire.


I want to travel back to the past,
To meet Cleopatra
And to see her beauty.

I want to travel back to the past,
To meet Alexander the Great
And to see him in battle.

I want to travel back to the past,
To meet Genghis Khan
And to see his method of combat.

I want to travel back to the past,
To meet first humans on this planet
And to see how they were living.

I want to travel back to the past,
To meet Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Muhammad
And to be with them.

I want to travel back to the past
And see if dinosaurs were real.
I want to travel back and see all…
Pyramids, invention of electricity, making a first automobile…

But if you come to me now
And you say:
Here is the time machine,
You can use it to travel back to the past,
But you can use it only once,
Just one travel,
What would it be?

I would travel back to the past,
10 years ago,
And I would correct some mistakes that I made.
Then I can live life without regrets.


On one side of the planet,
A man is driving a fast car
And he has a new mobile phone.
Girls are around him
And he is sitting in jacuzzi,
Smoking big fat cigar.
A glass of wine is spilled
And wine ends up in jacuzzi,
And he is laughing,
And girls are laughing.
But he is unhappy.
”I want a new car
  And I need a bigger pool.”

On the other side of planet,
A man is sitting alone,
In nature.
He is sitting there without shirt,
And he listens to birds.
Birds are singing, river is flowing
And breeze is refreshing.
He gets the apple from the tree
And he has no worry in this world.
Rays of Sun are so gentle.
He takes a deep breath in
And he says:
”I have enough.”


  1. Very often I found myself to be this first guy..only difference is that I don’t have fast new car, a new mobile phone and I don’t have girls around me and I don’t have a pool or jacuzzi hahaha.. but you get the point haha..


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